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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
75SamWray DE / OL 6’5”282StarpointAl CavagnaroSUNY at BuffaloNorth2016*
21EvanMajewski RB / DB 5’11”190StarpointAl CavagnaroGannon UniversityNorth2014
48MattWetzel LB 5’11”200StarpointAl CavagnaroAllegheny CollegeNorth2014
65StevenWilde OL / DL 6’2”225StarpointAl CavagnaroAllegheny CollegeNorth2013
9CoryRegnet WR / DB 5’9”180StarpointAl CavagnaroBuffalo State CollegeNorth2012
3BrandenWehrmeyer QB / RB 6’0”200StarpointAl CavagnaroErie Community CollegeNorth2012
61DaltonMaska OL 6’1”255StarpointAl CavagnaroAlfred UniversityNorth2011
26TylerRobinson RB 5’8”165StarpointAl CavagnaroAlfred UniversityNorth2011
28BrandonBartek RB 5’11”200StarpointAl CavagnaroHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2009
12JosephScibilia QB / K / P 6’2”195StarpointAl CavagnaroSt. John Fisher CollegeNorth2009
56AndrewMullen DE 6’1”215StarpointAl CavagnaroBuffalo State CollegeNorth2008
46MikeRegnet DE 5’11”185StarpointAl CavagnaroNiagara UniversityNorth2008
70KyleGibas 6’0”197StarpointAl CavagnaroUniversity at BuffaloNorth2007
2ChrisMonaco K / P 6’2”170StarpointAl CavagnaroBuffalo State CollegeNorth2007
77JasonRobichaud OL 5’11”195StarpointAl CavagnaroSt. John Fisher CollegeNorth2007
19DarrenVukovic DB 6’2”175StarpointAl CavagnaroBrockport State CollegeNorth2007
51JakeBrant OL 6’1”235StarpointAl CavagnaroSt. John Fisher CollegeNorth2006
52KevinKearney DE / OT 6’3”230StarpointAl CavagnaroAllegheny CollegeNorth2005
44AndrewCarroll LB 5’11”200StarpointAl CavagnaroAlfred UniversityNorth2003