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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
65JoshuaBall C / DT 5’11”229SpringvilleEric JantziUnited States ArmySouth2016
77PatrickHannon OL / DT 6’1”301SpringvilleEric JantziAlfred UniversitySouth2016*
13JoeMontesanti DB 6’2”190North TonawandaEric JantziCortland State UniversityNorth2011
44DanMontesanti* LB 6’1”215North TonawandaEric JantziCortland State UniversityNorth2011
5SteveKijowski* LB 6’0”220North TonawandaEric JantziAlfred UniversityNorth2010
71KyleShreve C 6’0”260North TonawandaEric JantziBuffalo State CollegeNorth2010*
12MikeTuzzo* QB 6’2”185North TonawandaEric JantziUniversity at BuffaloNorth2010
21MikeElmore CB 5’11”165North TonawandaEric JantziBuffalo State CollegeNorth2009
33BrandonMcClinsey RB 5’9”170North TonawandaEric JantziNiagara County Community CollegeNorth2009
77ZachWeiland OL 6’3”280North TonawandaEric JantziBuffalo State CollegeNorth2009
78SteveBrown C 5’8”260North TonawandaEric JantziCanisius CollegeNorth2008
64AaronRoy OL 6’1”290North TonawandaEric JantziHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2008
11ScottGregson* QB 5’11”200North TonawandaEric JantziUniversity of IowaNorth2007
77MaxAnnis OL 5’11”210North TonawandaEric JantziBuffalo State CollegeNorth2006
43TomCzech FS 5’10”160North TonawandaEric JantziErie Community CollegeNorth2006
10NickFetterman P / K 5’10”166North TonawandaEric JantziUniversity at BuffaloNorth2006
36SteveJulian LB / FB 5’10”230North TonawandaEric JantziNiagara County Community CollegeNorth2005
70AlexPort C / G 5’11”245North TonawandaEric JantziSt. John Fisher CollegeNorth2005
8MattScalice* LB / FB 6’0”250North TonawandaEric JantziIthaca CollegeNorth2005
9ScottMiranto SS / WR 5’10”180North TonawandaEric JantziSt. John Fisher CollegeNorth2004
71AdamDaigler OL 6’3”245North TonawandaEric JantziErie Community CollegeNorth2003
10JasonFralicker K 5’10”185North TonawandaEric JantziErie Community CollegeNorth2003
81ChrisReimer DE 6’3”235North TonawandaEric JantziErie Community CollegeNorth2003
77BrianWiech OL 6’4”240North TonawandaEric JantziBuffalo State CollegeNorth2003
42JustinCarere FB 6’0”195North TonawandaEric JantziFredonia State UniversityNorth2002
83TomReed WR 5’11”175North TonawandaEric JantziAlfred State CollegeNorth2002
70JoeScalice* OL 6’0”275North TonawandaEric JantziIthaca CollegeNorth2002
75BrianHoffman OT / DT 6’5”285North TonawandaEric JantziBuffalo State CollegeNorth2001
59AdamMayer C 6’0”245North TonawandaEric JantziErie Community CollegeNorth2001
64DaneSwanson OT / DT 6’5”330North TonawandaEric JantziSt. Peter’s CollegeNorth2001
29ErikZorich* RB / LB 5’11”200North TonawandaEric JantziCanisius CollegeNorth2001
10GeoffGane RB / DB 6’1”200North TonawandaEric JantziWorcester AcademyNorth2000
34JonMohr WR 5’9”160North TonawandaEric JantziAllegheny CollegeNorth2000