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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
11CordellCain WR / DB 6’1”170BurgardJason KolbBuffalo State CollegeNorth2016
50JaiHunter DT / DE 5’10”230BurgardJason KolbBuffalo State CollegeNorth2016*
3MarcusHampton LB 6’0”180BurgardJason KolbErie Community CollegeNorth2015
52RoderickMorrow C 6’1”205BurgardJason KolbErie Community CollegeNorth2015
5SeanMarshall* WR / FS 6’2”195BurgardJason KolbEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth2013
8CorvonteJones RB / OLB 6’0”185BurgardJason KolbUndecidedNorth2012
25RobertSanders FB / DL 5’10”255BurgardJason KolbErie Community CollegeNorth2012
2ShamariCheney WR 5’10”165BurgardJason KolbErie Community CollegeNorth2011
11AssanteHuggins WR 6’0”160BurgardJason KolbErie Community CollegeNorth2010
4AmirShanks RB 5’7”160BurgardJason KolbUndecidedNorth2010
51JeremyFerguson OL / DL 5’10”240BurgardJason KolbAlfred State CollegeNorth2009
62Xavier M.Hodge OL / DL 6’4”245BurgardJason KolbAlfred State CollegeNorth2009
51DexterCrosby DT 6’0”230BurgardJason KolbErie Community CollegeNorth2008
6AnthonyMarshall Jr. CB 5’10”190BurgardJason KolbBuffalo State CollegeNorth2008
51MauriceTossah OL 6’0”250BurgardJason KolbGrambling State UniversityNorth2007
5AndrewWilliams* RB / LB 5’10”190BurgardJason KolbUndecidedNorth2007
3AndrewHampton FB 5’11”225BurgardJason KolbErie Community CollegeNorth2006
1DwaneLewis CB 5’7”155BurgardJason KolbBuffalo State CollegeNorth2006
56ChrisFaltisco G / DT 6’0”250BurgardJason KolbBuffalo State CollegeNorth2005
4DwayneHolley DB 6’1”180BurgardJason KolbUndecidedNorth2005
5DarriusConner RB / DB 5’9”185BurgardJason KolbErie Community CollegeNorth2004
78BrandonRandle OL / DT 5’11”290BurgardJason KolbErie Community CollegeNorth2004