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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
10TyvhonWoods SS 6’2”180Niagara FallsDon BassAlfred State CollegeNorth2016*
44ChristopherPhinney LB 5’7”165SpringvilleJohn SopkoAlfred State CollegeSouth2013
11DanteBurnett LB / S 6’2”190CheektowagaScott ZippAlfred State CollegeSouth2012
34KyleGallivan RB / WR 5’11”175TonawandaRob GrossAlfred State CollegeNorth2012
65KevinRocque LB / DB 6’3”215Silver CreekSean HelmerAlfred State CollegeSouth2012
12MarkellIngram QB 5’11”188McKinley High SchoolEd WilsonAlfred State CollegeSouth2011
21JustinLiberta LB 5’10”182Frontier CentralTim MyslinskiAlfred State CollegeSouth2011
51ScottIckowski OL / LB 6’0”248St. Mary’s High SchoolJohn KlingAlfred State CollegeSouth2010
51JeremyFerguson OL / DL 5’10”240BurgardJason KolbAlfred State CollegeNorth2009
62Xavier M.Hodge OL / DL 6’4”245BurgardJason KolbAlfred State CollegeNorth2009
52StewartFonville OL 6’0”245Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraAlfred State CollegeNorth2007
1MichaelMoore QB / CB 5’7”185Cleveland HillDennis MasonAlfred State CollegeSouth2004
54DavidWinquist OL / DE 6’4”220WilsonJeff DabillAlfred State CollegeNorth2004
74AustinWhite OL 5’9”201Clymer CentralHoward McMullinAlfred State CollegeSouth2003
31NicholasHermann LB 6’0”190MedinaNick BenedettiAlfred State CollegeNorth2002
83TomReed WR 5’11”175North TonawandaEric JantziAlfred State CollegeNorth2002
78MarkStaub OL / DL 6’4”294Eden CentralEd MeyersAlfred State CollegeSouth2002
1WilliamMurray FS / SE 6’2”175Turner-CarrollTed MeierAlfred State CollegeSouth2001
25AdamRoberts WR / RB 5’10”185Niagara WheatfieldAlan PogelAlfred State CollegeNorth2001
72ShaneFavors OL 6’3”285SenecaDavid BackesAlfred State CollegeNorth1999
27BrandonHawkins* DB / RB 5’9”175SenecaDavid BackesAlfred State CollegeNorth1999
72MarkAldstadt DL 6’1”217SpringvilleJim DupreyAlfred State CollegeSouth1998
69PatParadiso OL 6’3”225ForestvilleScott GreenoughAlfred State CollegeSouth1998
89FrankPavicich* DB 6’2”215Niagara WheatfieldArmand CacciatoreAlfred State CollegeNorth1998
41WilsonSanchez DE 5’11”220JamestownWally HucknoAlfred State CollegeSouth1998
75JosephSands DE 6’1”224MedinaNick BenedettiAlfred State CollegeNorth1998
15ChrisShaver* QB 6’4”195JamestownWally HucknoAlfred State CollegeSouth1998
19ChrisDelPrince* FB / NT 5’10”185Lake ShoreDan ElvinAlfred State CollegeSouth1997
1MarcusHalloway* T 5’11”200Sweet HomeJohn FallerAlfred State CollegeNorth1997
88TyshawnJohnson WR 6’2”220LafayetteKarl MaggioreAlfred State CollegeSouth1997
2ReggieWhatley SB 5’7”155Kenmore EastMike ChristmanAlfred State CollegeNorth1997
85BobBallard FL 5’11”168McKinley High SchoolDon ChelfAlfred State CollegeSouth1996
74MikeDuval Jr. DE 6’3”240Niagara WheatfieldArmand CacciatoreAlfred State CollegeNorth1996
43JoeMcKoy FB 6’2”235JamestownWally HucknoAlfred State CollegeSouth1996
78DanRafferty DE 6’2”215NewfaneBob BoudemanAlfred State CollegeNorth1996
4DemetriusDuncan WR 6’0”180South ParkJerry ObsteinAlfred State CollegeSouth1995
7MauriceHowie WR 6’0”170South ParkJerry ObsteinAlfred State CollegeSouth1995
32EricJerge DE 6’1”240SpringvilleJim DupreyAlfred State CollegeSouth1995
85BrennanKwiatkowski DB 6’0”207MedinaBill OssontAlfred State CollegeNorth1995
79EricLaurienzo T 6’3”318Lancaster CentralLen JankiewiczAlfred State CollegeSouth1995
46JoelKirsch LB 5’8”160SpringvilleJim DupreyAlfred State CollegeSouth1994
57KurtSipos E 6’0”195Lake ShorePat VeltriAlfred State CollegeSouth1994
9ShawnPace LB 5’10”225Turner-CarrollTony PaglieiAlfred State CollegeSouth1993
74O’MarrWillis OL 6’2”280Turner-CarrollTony PaglieiAlfred State CollegeSouth1993
52BobLorenz G 6’1”220Lancaster CentralLen JankiewiczAlfred State CollegeSouth1992
41SheltonPaulfrey DE 5’11”217BurgardRon PughAlfred State CollegeNorth1992
8Alan E.Howard III DE 5’11”175Cleveland HillDennis MasonAlfred State CollegeSouth1991
63BryanO’Connor OT 5’11”205Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickAlfred State CollegeSouth1986