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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
89A.J.Perlino TE / DE 6’5”205East Aurora / HollandTim WadeHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2016*
64BrandonBall DE / OL 6’2”235SpringvilleRob ValentiHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2014
20RyanFalsone WR / RB 5’8”170Orchard ParkGene TundoHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2014
30JacksonBrown LB / FB 5’9”218Bishop Timon-St. JudeCharlie ComerfordHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2013
54T.J.Scamurra* C / DT 6’0”280Williamsville SouthKraig KurzanskiHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2012
17YanniZulia WR / CB 6’3”180St. Joseph’s CollegiateDennis GilbertHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2012
40CoryDavis* RB 5’11”200Lancaster CentralLen JankiewiczHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2010
28BrandonBartek RB 5’11”200StarpointAl CavagnaroHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2009
65JordanSisti OL 6’0”265St. Francis High SchoolJerry SmithHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2009
88AndrewZdrojewski TE / DE 6’4”210CanisiusBrandon HarrisHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2009
64AaronRoy OL 6’1”290North TonawandaEric JantziHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2008
84JamesRayhill DE / TE 6’2”185Grand IslandDean SantorioHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2007
85DavidDegan TE 6’4”225LockportMike FinnHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2006
56MikeFaracca DT 6’1”260Williamsville EastHenry FumerelleHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2006
77MattHenry OT / DT 6’2”280Alden CentralLance CayeaHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2005
87MattWinquist P / K 6’4”202WilsonJeff DabillHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2005
70JeromeChambers C 6’2”220LockportMike FinnHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2004
47DougBlakowski RB 5’10”175Iroquois CentralFrank PayneHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2003
70RickEicheldinger OT / DT 6’4”280Lancaster CentralLen JankiewiczHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2002
21JasonBerghold RB / DB 5’10”190DepewDan McGrathHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2001
28TyGodinho* RB 5’10”183Lancaster CentralLen JankiewiczHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2001
56JoeSievert C / DT 6’3”235WilsonCharlie JuferHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2001
68SethUrban OT / DT 6’4”280Hamburg CentralLee LeavellHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2001
23PatrickLester DB 5’9”165Williamsville SouthMike KellyHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2000
67DavidSzentesy* LB 5’11”215LackawannaBill MooreHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2000
68KirkLaubenstein DL 6’1”305Sweet HomeJohn FallerHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1999
53NateMilne DL 6’3”256JamestownWally HucknoHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth1999
11AaronPavlovic SS 5’10”193Hamburg CentralDick VanvalkenburghHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth1999
80BurkeWills TE 6’1”200NewfaneMike KapenHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1999
22JeffGordon DE / DB 5’9”190Sweet HomeJohn FallerHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1998
73KevinHaggerty OL 6’3”275St. Francis High SchoolJerry SmithHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth1998
26DurrellHatch RB 5’11”185Sweet HomeJohn FallerHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1998
51MikeAmodeo* LB 5’10”235SpringvilleJim DupreyHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth1997
71RickardoLopez* C 6’1”275Lake ShoreDan ElvinHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth1997
24EricNewsome TB / WR 6’1”187AlbionDick DiminucoHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1997
4MarkRendell CB / TB 5’10”175SpringvilleJim DupreyHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth1997
41DanAmodeo LB 5’11.5”240SpringvilleJim DupreyHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth1996
30JimBenvenuti SS 5’11”180Niagara WheatfieldArmand CacciatoreHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1996
88RickGanci TE 6’2”210CanisiusRon BrodnickiHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1996
25GreggOuellette DB 5’11”185Lewiston-PorterMark JohnsonHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1995
65TimZee C / G 6’3”280East AuroraRich BrodnickiHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth1995
70MattBindig G 6’0”200East AuroraRich BrodnickiHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth1994
57DaveRussell OG 6’2”220AmherstTom TrippHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1994
17T.J.Geraci CB 5’9”170Sweet HomeJohn FallerHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1988
17PatrickFoster QB 6’2”195AmherstGerald WrightHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1987
33ChrisBarrali DL 5’10”195St. Joseph’s CollegiateBob O’ConnorHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth1985
83JohnSalasny FB / DB 6’0”175Frontier CentralPaul SchallerHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth1984
44J.C.Stein DB 5’10”170AmherstGerald WrightHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1982
33BillBenedict DB 5’11”175St. Francis High SchoolMike FitzpatrickHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth1980
1JeffKlips WR 5’10”165AlbionDick DiminucoHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1980
85ScottGeise WR 6’0”170NewfaneJim ConleyHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1979
31JimWarner DL 6’1”205Hamburg CentralDick VanvalkenburghHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth1979
7RickBeamish DH 5’11”180Bishop Timon-St. JudeJoe O’GradyHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth1978