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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
88BrianLeising TE / WR 6’2”205Niagara WheatfieldBrent TylecUndecidedNorth2016*
20BrianMorreale LB / RB 5’11”180Williamsville EastChris GlennDaemen CollegeNorth2016*
13BrianStoldt* QB / DB 5’11”190Alden CentralRob CurrinSt. LawrenceSouth2014
5BrianRybak* DB 5’9”175DepewBrian WilsonGeneseo State UniversitySouth2013
22BrianDavis WR 5’10”190Williamsville NorthMike MammolitiChowan UniversityNorth2007
44BrianHaas LB 6’1”195St. Francis High SchoolJerry SmithCortland State UniversitySouth2007
20BrianKelleher RB / LB 5’5”190West Seneca EastJim MaurinoErie Community CollegeSouth2006
76BrianMalek OL / DL 6’0”240Frontier CentralRich GrayBuffalo State CollegeSouth2006
53BrianCraig LB / OL 5’9”190Iroquois CentralFrank PayneErie Community CollegeSouth2005
10BrianKiendl* QB / WR 6’2”190Maple GroveCurt FischerEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSouth2005
62BrianWetzler OG / DT 6’2”253Williamsville NorthMike MammolitiBaldwin Wallace UniversityNorth2004
77BrianWiech OL 6’4”240North TonawandaEric JantziBuffalo State CollegeNorth2003
57BrianPaonessa OG 5’11”200Niagara WheatfieldAlan PogelSt. Lawrence UniversityNorth2002
17BrianDonnelly QB / FS 6’3”215Williamsville EastDan KelleyCanisius CollegeNorth2001
75BrianHoffman OT / DT 6’5”285North TonawandaEric JantziBuffalo State CollegeNorth2001
76BrianKania G / DT 6’1”235DepewDan McGrathBrockport State CollegeSouth2001
54BrianBzibiak G 6’1”225John F. KennedyColin BrinsonUndecidedSouth2000
82BrianFerris WR 6’1”170St. Francis High SchoolJerry SmithUniversity of RochesterSouth2000
55BrianCook OL 6’3”300Turner-CarrollJohn BarnesUniversity at BuffaloSouth1999
57BrianHammond DL 6’5”245Iroquois CentralPat ArouneUniversity at BuffaloSouth1998
76BrianLysiak OL 6’1”220CanisiusMarc HudakColumbia UniversityNorth1998
12BrianAyrault QB 6’2”205Orchard ParkGene TundoUniversity at AlbanySouth1997
74BrianSalay T 6’0”275North TonawandaDave AnastasiBrockport State CollegeNorth1997
52BrianBarczykowski LB 6’0”225West Seneca EastTom JacksonBuffalo State CollegeSouth1996
73BrianScanlon OL 6’2”230St. Joseph’s CollegiateBob O’ConnorBrockport State CollegeNorth1996
76BrianMulvey DB 6’2”210LockportBob CaslerBrockport State CollegeNorth1995
75BrianBarnes OL 6’3”245Akron CentralDave ButlerEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth1993
89BrianFlynn DB 6’0”180West Seneca EastTom JacksonUniversity of RochesterSouth1993
32BrianPolian LB 5’8”200St. Francis High SchoolJerry SmithJohn Carroll UniversitySouth1993*
44BrianWidrig DL 5’10”230SpringvilleJim DupreyCanisius CollegeSouth1993
21BrianHoyt DB 5’9”190La Salle UniversitySam GiancolaCanisius CollegeNorth1992
13BrianLarkman QB 6’1”185West Seneca EastTom JacksonErie Community CollegeSouth1992
44BrianBasinski WR 6’0”175MaryvaleGary BraunUndecidedSouth1991
45BrianSykes FB 5’10”170Grand IslandGene MastersUndecidedNorth1990
63BrianOtt DT 6’1”235SpringvilleMike NugentCornell UniversitySouth1989
14BrianWild QB 5’11”185Lancaster CentralLen JankiewiczCortland State UniversitySouth1989
73BrianBritton C 6’1”207Lewiston-PorterHarry LawlerCanisius CollegeNorth1988
44BrianCarey DE 5’9”184TonawandaChris DeMarcoCanisius CollegeNorth1988
87BrianHagerty TE 6’2”190Niagara WheatfieldArmand CacciatoreUniversity of Notre DameNorth1988
21BrianTominich LB 5’9”192West Seneca EastTom JacksonHudson Valley Community CollegeSouth1987
39BrianGottman DB 5’10”185AmherstKerry FingerEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth1986
50BrianSchoenle C 6’3”240Williamsville SouthChuck HuberBoston CollegeNorth1985
71BrianMadej OT 6’2”240Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerCanisius CollegeNorth1983
70BrianWalser C / DT 6’4”218Williamsville NorthLou MartiniAshland UniversityNorth1983
36BrianZiemba RB 5’10”190John F. KennedyTony AgnelloBuffalo State CollegeSouth1983
8BrianRoss QB 5’11”165Niagara WheatfieldArmand CacciatoreCornell UniversityNorth1979
44BrianHassett RB 6’3”205TonawandaGary WittenEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth1978
53BrianWilson C 6’2”250Orchard ParkTony PolicareBowling Green State UniversitySouth1978
90BrianGriep TE 6’1”202West Seneca EastJohn SchleiferSouth1977
88BrianHeim C / DE 6’2”195Williamsville NorthLou MartiniNorth1976
81BrianTenney E 6’3”190CanisiusBus WerderSouth1976