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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
24CharlesDeBose III RB / LB 5’10”200Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraUndecidedNorth2016*
12KyreeCarter RB / DE 6’0”228Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraErie Community CollegeNorth2012
65MichaelGilmartin G 6’0”190Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraUndecidedNorth2010
18RyanO’Sulllivan TE 6’4”215Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraUniversity at BuffaloNorth2010
4ShaquilleDudley LB 6’3”215Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraUniversity at BuffaloNorth2009
1ShermanNelson WR / DB 6’0”194Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraBuffalo State CollegeNorth2009
2JackieFeggans LB / RB 5’10”190Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraUndecidedNorth2008
7ReggieGarner RB 5’8”180Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraThe Kiski SchoolNorth2008
71AndrewAmato DL 6’0”210Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraBuffalo State CollegeNorth2007
54AnthonyCrispo OL 5’11”245Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraBuffalo State CollegeNorth2007
52StewartFonville OL 6’0”245Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraAlfred State CollegeNorth2007
75DaveMeadows DT 6’0”220Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraBuffalo State CollegeNorth2006
21JustinVogt FB 6’1”175Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraErie Community CollegeNorth2006
68RichBarlog DT 6’0”230Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraBuffalo State CollegeNorth2004
1RonKeels RB / CB 5’10”175Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraGannon UniversityNorth2004
24CoryMuldowney LB 6’0”205Cardinal O’HaraAngelo SciandraErie Community CollegeNorth2003
67MikeKnapic C / T 5’10”250Cardinal O’HaraUndecidedNorth2001
33MajorCole RB 5’11”185Cardinal O’HaraChuck CiehomskiBuffalo State CollegeNorth1998
75JacobBarkley DT 6’2”250Cardinal O’HaraFrank GrandinettiBrockport State CollegeNorth1994
76JeffTurton OL 6’0”235Cardinal O’HaraFrank GrandinettiHilbert CollegeNorth1992
2RickyNelson RB 5’8”180Cardinal O’HaraFrank GrandinettiHudson Valley Community CollegeNorth1990
87BobShivinsky TE 6’0”190Cardinal O’HaraMike YeatesCanisius CollegeNorth1986
88RobertRentz TF 6’2”180Cardinal O’HaraMoe DrillingCanisius CollegeNorth1983
77MikeBaumann T 6’0”230Cardinal O’HaraMoe DrillingAllegheny CollegeNorth1982
33JamieSantasiero RB 6’0”214Cardinal O’HaraMoe DrillingUndecidedNorth1982
79DonFohrd DT 6’1”220Cardinal O’HaraMoe DrillingCanisius CollegeNorth1981
25KevinSzanyi DB 6’0”175Cardinal O’HaraMoe DrillingUniversity of DaytonNorth1978
74MikeKane DE 5’11”180Cardinal O’HaraMoe DrillingNorth1977
80MarkCancilla E 6’0”173Cardinal O’HaraMoe DrillingSouth1976