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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
68AndrewRansbury C / DT 6’0”270Cleveland HillGlen GrahamSt. John Fisher CollegeSouth2016*
55KeyshawnCrawford OL / DL 6’2”300Cleveland HillGlen GrahamErie Community CollegeSouth2015
5BrandonThomas RB / SS 5’10”185Cleveland HillGlen GrahamUndecidedSouth2014
6JaredWatkins WR / DB 6’0”150Cleveland HillGlen GrahamAlfred UniversitySouth2014
66RyanMullen OT 5’11”230Cleveland HillGlen GrahamBuffalo State CollegeSouth2013
35JonathanThomas DB 5’9”185Cleveland HillGlen GrahamCortland State UniversitySouth2013
21DevonteDavis LB 6’0”215Cleveland HillGlen GrahamCortland State UniversitySouth2012*
76ToddPeoples OL / DL 6’0”260Cleveland HillGlen GrahamErie Community CollegeSouth2012
8DarylSpencer* S / QB 6’2”196Cleveland HillGlen GrahamCortland State UniversitySouth2012
19Douglas AndreChavers III SS 5’10”175Cleveland HillGlen GrahamErie Community CollegeSouth2010
20Dennis B.Thomas* RB 5’11”205Cleveland HillGlen GrahamMorrisville State CollegeSouth2010
56CurtisHairston* DE 6’1”210Cleveland HillGlen GrahamErie Community CollegeSouth2009
5RhakeemWiggins QB 5’11”175Cleveland HillGlen GrahamUniversity at AlbanySouth2009
77MichaelGolombek OL 6’4”235Cleveland HillGlen GrahamErie Community CollegeSouth2008
3JamesGriffin* LB 6’1”200Cleveland HillGlen GrahamRobert Morris UniversitySouth2008
35MarquisDorsey RB 5’10”185Cleveland HillGlen GrahamGlobe Institute of TechnologySouth2007
30RobertFay DE 5’11”185Cleveland HillGlen GrahamErie Community CollegeSouth2007
64BrandonFarrell DL 5’11”205Cleveland HillGlen GrahamErie Community CollegeSouth2006
82EdThomas DB / WR 6’0”175Cleveland HillGlen GrahamCornell UniversitySouth2006
1MichaelMoore QB / CB 5’7”185Cleveland HillDennis MasonAlfred State CollegeSouth2004
29RobertJohnson DB 5’10”165Cleveland HillDennis MasonNorth Carolina A&T State UniversitySouth2003
7DarrenRasberry FS 5’7”180Cleveland HillDennis MasonWinston-Salem State UniversitySouth2003*
56PeterClark OT / DT 5’10”250Cleveland HillDennis MasonErie Community CollegeSouth2002
54JoshSmith OG / DE 5’9”185Cleveland HillDennis MasonUniversity at BuffaloSouth2002
7EricEverett RB / CB 5’9”170Cleveland HillDennis MasonErie Community CollegeSouth2001
4MyronLee QB 6’0”195Cleveland HillDennis MasonErie Community CollegeSouth2001
19BobBoye WR 6’4”190Cleveland HillDennis MasonCanisius CollegeSouth1999
57JasonBaldwin G 5’10”210Cleveland HillDennis MasonUndecidedSouth1997
42RichBridenbaker DB 6’2”185Cleveland HillDennis MasonCanisius CollegeSouth1995
20EddieMagby FB 6’2”250Cleveland HillDennis MasonBuffalo State CollegeSouth1994
23JamalJohnson RB 5’8”165Cleveland HillDennis MasonErie Community CollegeSouth1993
60KermitFletcher T 6’3”280Cleveland HillDennis MasonSavannah State UniversitySouth1992
86EslieRozier DE 6’1”180Cleveland HillDennis MasonUndecidedSouth1992
54AlDomon DT / C 6’2”292Cleveland HillDennis MasonChadron State CollegeSouth1991
8Alan E.Howard III DE 5’11”175Cleveland HillDennis MasonAlfred State CollegeSouth1991
26BryanKroll RB 5’9”175Cleveland HillDennis MasonUndecidedSouth1991
23TyroneMagby RB 6’0”180Cleveland HillDennis MasonRochester Institute of TechnologySouth1991
1JohnKroll CB 5’7”160Cleveland HillDennis MasonUndecidedSouth1990
20Arthur L.Hicks RB 5’6”160Cleveland HillDennis MasonNassau Community CollegeSouth1989
3VictorWeaver WR 6’1”185Cleveland HillDennis MasonUniversity at BuffaloSouth1989
73MadisonBradley DT 6’3”255Cleveland HillDennis MasonPurdue UniversitySouth1988
51BillJacobs DL 6’1”195Cleveland HillDennis MasonUniversity at BuffaloSouth1985
33TonyMaselli NG 5’10”215Cleveland HillDennis MasonValparaiso UniversitySouth1982
7RichardMorosey DB 6’0”180Cleveland HillDennis MasonUniversity at BuffaloSouth1982
36JohnWhite RB 6’0”200Cleveland HillDon PuffUniversity at BuffaloSouth1979
48GeneMaracle LB 6’1”196Cleveland HillDon PuffSouth1977