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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
6JaysonTaylor LB 6’0”220Kenmore WestRich HarrisBuffalo State CollegeNorth2016*
12AdamFron QB 6’4”210Kenmore WestRichard HarrisIthaca CollegeNorth2014
86GregHowell DE / WR 6’4”200Kenmore WestRichard HarrisUniversity at BuffaloNorth2013
22MartinBailey RB / DB 5’8”172Kenmore WestRichard HarrisHudson Valley Community CollegeNorth2012
70BrandonLathrop OL / DL 6’6”285Kenmore WestRichard HarrisBuffalo State CollegeNorth2012
29BobBlackman OLB 6’0”182Kenmore WestRichard HarrisNiagara County Community CollegeNorth2011
19NickFisher K 5’10”175Kenmore WestRichard HarrisErie Community CollegeNorth2011
51RyanMeldrum OL 6’0”220Kenmore WestRichard HarrisBuffalo State CollegeNorth2011
23ZachBouley WR 6’1”175Kenmore WestRichard HarrisUniversity at BuffaloNorth2010
59TimGriffin C 5’10”230Kenmore WestRichard HarrisErie Community CollegeNorth2010
22MoeBailey DB 6’1”205Kenmore WestRichard HarrisErie Community CollegeNorth2009
40TimHersey FB / LB 5’9”200Kenmore WestRichard HarrisUnion CollegeNorth2009
73RandolfDiamond OL 6’4”300Kenmore WestRichard HarrisUniversity of RochesterNorth2008
36ChuckSavasta K 5’7”160Kenmore WestRichard HarrisErie Community CollegeNorth2008
40MattHarris LB 5’8”195Kenmore WestRichard HarrisNiagara County Community CollegeNorth2007
33JeffreyDuquette TE 5’10”195Kenmore WestRichard HarrisBrockport State CollegeNorth2006
2JamesMallory* RB / SS 5’10”187Kenmore WestRichard HarrisCentral Connecticut State UniversityNorth2005*
65JordanMcCann OG / DT 6’3”300Kenmore WestRichard HarrisBuffalo State CollegeNorth2005
86TomNuttle LB 6’1”205Kenmore WestRichard HarrisUniversity of Mount UnionNorth2005
73BillEadie OL / DL 6’4”230Kenmore WestRichard HarrisBuffalo State CollegeNorth2004
72ScottOrdway OL 6’6”290Kenmore WestRichard HarrisSt. John Fisher CollegeNorth2003
67SamSmith OL 5’11”210Kenmore WestRichard HarrisErie Community CollegeNorth2003
7NickLittle P / K 5’10”210Kenmore WestRichard HarrisSt. Lawrence UniversityNorth2002
86JasonRogers TE 6’3”210Kenmore WestRichard HarrisUniversity at BuffaloNorth2002
22MattDaniels FB / LB 5’10”210Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerBrockport State CollegeNorth2001
20ScottHaynes RB / CB 5’9”165Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerBuffalo State CollegeNorth2001
44RayHayward TE / DE 6’1”185Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerBrockport State CollegeNorth2001
71AndyJohnson OL / DL 6’1”278Kenmore WestRichard HarrisUndecidedNorth2000
28DavidHaynes RB 5’10”182Kenmore WestRichard HarrisUndecidedNorth1999
7JohnHassall DB 6’1”170Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerUndecidedNorth1998
65EdJaskulski OL 6’2”268Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerBrockport State CollegeNorth1998
89DarrenKresge DE 6’7”230Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerFredonia State UniversityNorth1997
86MarkPiwko SS 5’9”185Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerCanisius CollegeNorth1997
72VladBortchevsky OL 6’4”240Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerCanisius CollegeNorth1996
20ChrisGallivan* LB 6’0”215Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerBuffalo State CollegeNorth1996
51JosephMalecki OL 6’4”240Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerBuffalo State CollegeNorth1996
12ShawnMangold QB 6’2”200Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerCanisius CollegeNorth1996
57ChrisKelly DE 6’3”210Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerUniversity at BuffaloNorth1995
22MikeLong RB 5’10”175Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerErie Community CollegeNorth1995
12CraigDana DB 6’0”185Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerBuffalo State CollegeNorth1994
47SamGagliardi DB 5’10”177Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerUniversity of RochesterNorth1993*
51PatHarding OL 6’2”235Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerHoly CrossNorth1993
65SteveKillian OL 5’11”220Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerUniversity of RochesterNorth1992
83KeithHalt WR 5’9”155Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerErie Community CollegeNorth1991
50TimSmith DE 6’2”225Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerSt. John Fisher CollegeNorth1990
7DaveWiser* DE 6’3”190Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerUniversity at BuffaloNorth1990
64EricKamman T 6’1”230Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerHiram CollegeNorth1989
45MikeOlson FB / LB 5’9”195Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerCanisius CollegeNorth1989
7TonyBalisteri* CB 5’8”170Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerUnited States Marine CorpsNorth1988
3SkipCiffa QB 6’0”190Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerCanisius CollegeNorth1988
4MattNovo FL 5’7”160Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerCanisius CollegeNorth1988
75AlBotti OG 6’3”215Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerUniversity at BuffaloNorth1987
40DaveGaglione RB 5’11”180Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerUniversity at BuffaloNorth1987
52ScottKropidlowski C / DT 6’1”190Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerUndecidedNorth1987
73JohnBargnesi T 6’3”255Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerAlfredNorth1986
60DeanGallagher* G 6’2”220Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth1986
46EricMiller FB 6’1”185Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerIthaca CollegeNorth1986
72JohnEagle DL 6’0”215Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerCanisius CollegeNorth1985
30DaveHersey* RB 5’10”180Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerCanisius CollegeNorth1985
89Keith L.Edmiston DE 6’1”190Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerCanisius CollegeNorth1984
79SteveNewton OG 6’2”215Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerCanisius CollegeNorth1984
65JoeHayek LB 6’0”195Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerCanisius CollegeNorth1983
71BrianMadej OT 6’2”240Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerCanisius CollegeNorth1983
85MarkSt. George SE 6’1”180Kenmore WestJerry TutwilerCarnegie Mellon UniversityNorth1982
55MikeManke DE 6’0”195Kenmore WestDavid FleischmanUniversity at BuffaloNorth1981
52TimQuinlan C 5’11”200Kenmore WestDavid FleischmanAlfredNorth1980
76GregBrown OT 6’5”245Kenmore WestDavid FleischmanWake Forest UniversityNorth1979
11JimLobdell QB 5’10”170Kenmore WestDavid FleischmanBoston UniversityNorth1979
58ScottHernandez DE 5’11”205Kenmore WestDavid FleischmanHudson Valley Community CollegeNorth1978
7TomNovo WR 5’10”170Kenmore WestDavid FleischmanHudson Valley Community CollegeNorth1978
72MarkKeough T 6’3”225Kenmore WestDavid FleischmanNorth1977
24TimMiller WB / DHB 5’9”160Kenmore WestJules YakapovichNorth1976