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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
9Da’QuanHubbard WR / CB 6’0”160Niagara FallsDon BassBrockport State CollegeNorth2016*
4JaquanHudson WR 6’2”175Niagara FallsDon BassUndecidedNorth2016*
10TyvhonWoods SS 6’2”180Niagara FallsDon BassAlfred State CollegeNorth2016*
2ShaolinMcCray RB 5’10”180Niagara FallsDon BassLivingstoneNorth2015
6JoeMedley Jr. FS 5’10”170Niagara FallsDon BassMorrisville CollegeNorth2015
1AmirMyles WR / DB 5’9”165Niagara FallsDon BassMorrisville State CollegeNorth2014
6DeontePaige DB / QB 6’1”150Niagara FallsDon BassMonroe Community CollegeNorth2014
33TikereRalands DE / WR 6’4”220Niagara FallsDon BassAlabama State UniversityNorth2013
77DurshronSanders OL / DL 6’4”285Niagara FallsDon BassErie Community CollegeNorth2012
55MichaelMcCartney LB 5’10”230Niagara FallsDon BassErie Community CollegeNorth2011*
63JalenGayle LB 6’1”200Niagara FallsDon BassAlfred UniversityNorth2010
56PaulKennon IV DL 6’0”245Niagara FallsDon BassUndecidedNorth2010
79JamarAnderson DL / OL 6’1”242Niagara FallsDon BassErie Community CollegeNorth2009
15JoshuaSalada WR 5’9”165Niagara FallsDon BassErie Community CollegeNorth2009
55JustinGordon LB 6’0”200Niagara FallsJoe ShiffletBuffalo State CollegeNorth2007
85RicardoRose WR 6’3”195Niagara FallsJoe ShiffletCortland State UniversityNorth2007
5KennyArmstrong RB 5’8”180Niagara FallsJoe ShiffletGeorgia Military CollegeNorth2006
79JacobButton OL 6’2”300Niagara FallsJoe ShiffletBuffalo State CollegeNorth2006
88JermaineRose DE 6’1”210Niagara FallsJoe ShiffletBuffalo State CollegeNorth2006*
13JamesHoward Jr. WR 5’11”180Niagara FallsJoe ShiffletBuffalo State CollegeNorth2005
3JamesStarks QB 6’3”195Niagara FallsJoe ShiffletUniversity at BuffaloNorth2005**
77AndrewDane OL / DL 6’2”230Niagara FallsJoe ShiffletHarvard UniversityNorth2004
82VinceSandonato TE / LB 6’0”185Niagara FallsJoe ShiffletWashington & Jefferson CollegeNorth2004
62RichardPosey* OL 6’2”225Niagara FallsJoe ShiffletErie Community CollegeNorth2003
60NickFracassi C 6’0”235Niagara FallsJoe ShiffletGannon UniversityNorth2002
30RandyPrimerano FB / LB 6’0”196Niagara FallsPaul FortunateAlfred UniversityNorth2001
97RobWelch DE 6’2”195Niagara FallsJames SpanbauerUndecidedNorth1994
26RomelGriggs LB 6’1”190Niagara FallsRoger HaileyHudson Valley Community CollegeNorth1993
72VinceCanosa DL 6’1”240Niagara FallsRoger HaileyUniversity at BuffaloNorth1992*
3JohnRizzo S 5’9”160Niagara FallsRoger HaileyUndecidedNorth1991
34JamesMcCray* DB 6’0”175Niagara FallsRoger HaileyEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth1985
60VinceCastellani OG 5’11”190Niagara FallsRoger HaileyUniversity at BuffaloNorth1983
35RobertMartin DE 6’0”180Niagara FallsRoger HaileyArizona State UniversityNorth1983
48JimStopa LB 6’0”185Niagara FallsRoger HaileyWilliam Penn UniversityNorth1982
44PrestonMarshall RB 5’9”163Niagara FallsRoger HaileyKnoxville CollegeNorth1981
41EdgarJessie DB 5’7.5”160Niagara FallsFrank ScallettaNorth1977
25JoeRajack DHB / TE 5’10”180Niagara FallsFrank ScallettaNorth1976