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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
69MitchDiPirro C 5’10”250St. Mary’s High SchoolNick TodaroSt. Bonaventure UniversitySouth2016
19KaysonHill DE / WR 6’3”220St. Mary’s High SchoolNick TodaroMorrisville State CollegeSouth2016*
11DioneStrong WR / DB 5’11”150St. Mary’s High SchoolDave HerseyUndecidedSouth2014
2NickVallone RB / LB 5’6”175St. Mary’s High SchoolDave HerseyBrockport State CollegeSouth2014
55RobertDesidero LB 5’10”200St. Mary’s High SchoolDave HerseyBuffalo State CollegeSouth2013
33AlexHorvatits WR 6’1”180St. Mary’s High SchoolDave HerseyThiel CollegeSouth2013
63KyleDiPirro DE / OT 6’4”245St. Mary’s High SchoolDave HerseyGannon UniversitySouth2012
5ErikO’Neill* SS / RB 5’10”175St. Mary’s High SchoolDave HerseySt. John Fisher CollegeSouth2012
2ChadGriffin* QB 6’3”189St. Mary’s High SchoolDave HerseyBuffalo State CollegeSouth2011
62JesseSkubis OT 6’1”290St. Mary’s High SchoolDave HerseyJohn Carroll UniversitySouth2011
44AlexElwell FB 5’11”185St. Mary’s High SchoolJohn KlingMercyhurst UniversitySouth2010
51ScottIckowski OL / LB 6’0”248St. Mary’s High SchoolJohn KlingAlfred State CollegeSouth2010
3LenPfohl K 5’10”165St. Mary’s High SchoolJohn KlingMedaille CollegeSouth2009
57MikeBrown Jr. DL 6’1”230St. Mary’s High SchoolDennis GilbertAllegheny CollegeSouth2008
5DougRobinson DB 5’11”180St. Mary’s High SchoolDennis GilbertSan Diego State UniversitySouth2008*
67MitchSchaefer OL 6’6”280St. Mary’s High SchoolKraig KurzanskiSt. John Fisher CollegeSouth2007
29RyanMiller FB / DE 6’0”190St. Mary’s High SchoolMark WarnerSt. John Fisher CollegeSouth2006
25AdamBistoff RB / LB 5’8”165St. Mary’s High SchoolMark WarnerBuffalo State CollegeSouth2005
7NickCasillo WR / LB 6’3”185St. Mary’s High SchoolJoe BremerMedaille CollegeSouth2004
8MichaelO’Connor TE / DE 6’3”215St. Mary’s High SchoolJoe BremerSt. John Fisher CollegeSouth2004
32DanLopez RB 5’10”210St. Mary’s High SchoolJoe BremerErie Community CollegeSouth2003
84TimWilson TE / LB 6’1”190St. Mary’s High SchoolJoe BremerAlfred UniversitySouth2002
88SteveJarmuz DB 6’0”180St. Mary’s High SchoolJoe BremerCanisius CollegeSouth2001
8KevinBurns* FB 6’3”220St. Mary’s High SchoolBill SliwaUniversity of PennsylvaniaSouth2000*
14DougStoklosa CB / FS 5’10”160St. Mary’s High SchoolAngelo SciandraUndecidedSouth1996
23SeanMetz QB 5’10”155St. Mary’s High SchoolAngelo SciandraCanisius CollegeSouth1994
5DonMusielak WR 5’11”172St. Mary’s High SchoolAngelo SciandraErie Community CollegeSouth1991
41CheechOzolins DB 5’6”165St. Mary’s High SchoolAngelo SciandraSt. Mary of the Plains CollegeSouth1988
51KurtOzolins OG 5’11”170St. Mary’s High SchoolMike BottomleyUnited States Marine CorpsSouth1986
2SteveGemerek DB 5’9”160St. Mary’s High SchoolMike BottomleyUndecidedSouth1985
87JoeHamilton WR 5’11”155St. Mary’s High SchoolMike BottomleyAlfredSouth1985
45JeffUnger DB 6’0”180St. Mary’s High SchoolMike BottomleyCanisius CollegeSouth1985
41EricOzolins FB 6’1”215St. Mary’s High SchoolMike BottomleyWilliam Penn UniversitySouth1984
69PeterCichoki DE 6’4”205St. Mary’s High SchoolMike BottomleyUniversity at BuffaloSouth1982
59TimWittek LB 5’11”185St. Mary’s High SchoolMike BottomleyMorrisville State CollegeSouth1982
82ThomasLoecher DE 6’4”202St. Mary’s High SchoolDick WojcieiskiNorth1977