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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
17JackMyers WR 6’0”175West Seneca WestMike VastolaSUNY at BuffaloSouth2016*
23BrandonDay RB / WR 5’10”175West Seneca WestJim MaurinoErie Community CollegeSouth2015
16SeanKline K 5’10”155West Seneca WestJoe CantafioErie Community CollegeSouth2015
55DevanLeo LB / Ol 6’2”240West Seneca WestJoe CantafioBrockport State CollegeSouth2014
34ZachMarshall DL 6’2”240West Seneca WestJoe CantafioErie Community CollegeSouth2013
23MatthewWheelock TE / DE 6’3”240West Seneca WestJoe CantafioEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSouth2013
44PatBraunscheidel FB 5’9”185West Seneca WestJoe CantafioBrockport State CollegeSouth2012
3SteveRiggs CB 5’6”150West Seneca WestJoe CantafioErie Community CollegeSouth2012
67RyanDiFlavio OL 6’0”250West Seneca WestJoe CantafioAlfred UniversitySouth2010
76MikeFeirabend OL / DL 6’4”236West Seneca WestJoe CantafioBuffalo State CollegeSouth2010
1JoeLaMarca DB 6’2”175West Seneca WestJoe CantafioBuffalo State CollegeSouth2009
4Jon EricBanach FLK 5’10”195West Seneca WestJoe CantafioWestern New England UniversitySouth2008
55SeanPainter OL 6’2”247West Seneca WestJoe CantafioCarnegie Mellon UniversitySouth2008
2GavinGaiser DB 6’1”170West Seneca WestJoe CantafioBridgton AcademySouth2007
6DanSimon DE 5’11”180West Seneca WestJoe CantafioUniversity at BuffaloSouth2007
5JustinAthans QB / DB 6’1”185West Seneca WestJoe CantafioMansfield University of PennsylvaniaSouth2006
14TonyPedacchio TE / DE 6’3”208West Seneca WestJoe CantafioErie Community CollegeSouth2006
15TomMalczewski QB / WR 6’5”205West Seneca WestJim KuhnUniversity of RochesterSouth2005
80NickSchmidt DE / TE 6’5”200West Seneca WestJim KuhnUniversity at BuffaloSouth2005
28JohnJackson WR / DB 5’8”150West Seneca WestJim KuhnUniversity of RochesterSouth2004
19JeffRowley RB / LB 5’10”185West Seneca WestJim KuhnErie Community CollegeSouth2004*
22JohnFeyes DB 5’9”165West Seneca WestJim KuhnNorwich UniversitySouth2003
51SeanMackiewicz DE 6’1”200West Seneca WestJim KuhnWashington & Jefferson CollegeSouth2003
73JacobAnderson OT / DT 6’6”280West Seneca WestJim KuhnUniversity at AlbanySouth2002
34JoeRozmus DE / FB 6’0”210West Seneca WestJim KuhnUndecidedSouth2002
11JimLamarca FS / QB 6’2”170West Seneca WestJim KuhnErie Community CollegeSouth2001
30KaleMcNaney* SS 5’10”195West Seneca WestJim KuhnUndecidedSouth2001
33TedRitts LB 6’0”195West Seneca WestJim KuhnUndecidedSouth2001
4KyleMcMann DE 6’2”205West Seneca WestJim KuhnIthaca CollegeSouth2000
76RussFenton OL 6’4”268West Seneca WestTom BraunDuke UniversitySouth1999
1ShaneMoonan LB 6’0”208West Seneca WestTom BraunBuffalo State CollegeSouth1999
54ErikArdenski LB 6’1”210West Seneca WestTom BraunBrockport State CollegeSouth1997
30BenKelsey SS 5’8”185West Seneca WestTom BraunUniversity at AlbanySouth1997
58RussGillison DE 6’5”225West Seneca WestTom BraunNorfolk State UniversitySouth1996
44NickAdinolfi LB 6’1”183West Seneca WestTom BraunCanisius CollegeSouth1995
94StephenPrzystal TE 6’3”225West Seneca WestTom BraunHudson Valley Community CollegeSouth1994
80FrankZabawa* TE / DE 6’4”230West Seneca WestTom BraunCanisius CollegeSouth1992
32AdamRyba RB 5’9”165West Seneca WestTom BraunUndecidedSouth1991
86RandyMcKee FL 5’10”158West Seneca WestFred LampmanFordham UniversitySouth1990
82JasonGalley DE 6’5”210West Seneca WestJames BrotzAlfredSouth1989
40TonySkretny DE 6’1”220West Seneca WestJames BrotzEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSouth1988
76MikeChavanne LB 6’0”195West Seneca WestJames BrotzUniversity of RochesterSouth1987
22MikeMendel FB 6’3”222West Seneca WestJames BrotzKent State UniversitySouth1986
46JustinStrzelczyk TE 6’6”220West Seneca WestJames BrotzUniversity of MaineSouth1986**
67TonyDeMarco OT / DT 6’0”230West Seneca WestJames BrotzBuffalo State CollegeSouth1984
66DaveMeaney C 6’0”190West Seneca WestJames BrotzUniversity at BuffaloSouth1983
45TomMurphy WR / DB 6’1”175West Seneca WestFred LampmanUniversity at BuffaloSouth1980
44MikeWagg FB 6’0”215West Seneca WestJohn SchleiferEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSouth1980
4MikeKnott QB 6’0”170West Seneca WestFred LampmanFredonia State UniversitySouth1979
87KarlWolcott DHB 6’2”175West Seneca WestFred LampmanHiram CollegeSouth1979
58LarryMoore OT 6’0”200West Seneca WestFred LampmanCanisius CollegeSouth1978
81AlRunkel TE 6’1”188West Seneca WestFred LampmanCanisius CollegeSouth1978
70JimHaderer NG 6’0”217West Seneca WestJohn SchleiferSouth1977
44DennieHartman RB 6’2”225West Seneca WestFred LampmanSouth1977