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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
74JarredHeld NT 6’0”225WilsonBill AtlasErie Community CollegeNorth2015
21JustinSlango RB / FS 5’10”175WilsonBill AtlasErie Community CollegeNorth2013
20PatWalch TE / LB 5’11”175WilsonBill AtlasUniversity of RochesterNorth2012
12JoeParrott WR 6’1”194WilsonBill AtlasMesa Community CollegeNorth2011
23CodyReimers WR 6’0”185WilsonBill AtlasSt. Francis CollegeNorth2011
26EthanBaker WR 6’4”200WilsonBill AtlasMedaille CollegeNorth2010
34NateMeier RB 6’0”160WilsonBill AtlasSt. John Fisher CollegeNorth2010
68MattWendt OL 6’1”250WilsonBill AtlasUniversity at BuffaloNorth2007
28WyattKrueger WR 5’9”160WilsonJeff DabillBuffalo State CollegeNorth2006
87MattWinquist P / K 6’4”202WilsonJeff DabillHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2005
54DavidWinquist OL / DE 6’4”220WilsonJeff DabillAlfred State CollegeNorth2004
18DrewCassick DB 5’9”160WilsonJeff DabillErie Community CollegeNorth2003
59TomJeffree OT 6’1”245WilsonCharlie JuferSt. Lawrence UniversityNorth2002
23AdamLeggett LB 6’0”190WilsonCharlie JuferSt. Lawrence UniversityNorth2002
77JoeJowly 6’2”195WilsonCharlie JuferUndecidedNorth2001
9EdMort QB / FS 6’0”205WilsonCharlie JuferCanisius CollegeNorth2001
56JoeSievert C / DT 6’3”235WilsonCharlie JuferHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2001
30FredLampan LB 6’0”175WilsonCharlie JuferITT Technical InstituteNorth2000
18BenOsypian WR 5’11”180WilsonCharlie JuferCortland State UniversityNorth2000
67SethMuck OL 6’2”230WilsonCharlie JuferDelaware Valley CollegeNorth1999
30BrandonBiro DB 5’10”178WilsonCharlie JuferHudson Valley Community CollegeNorth1998
66JoeCandella III OL 6’3”265WilsonCharlie JuferCortland State UniversityNorth1998
53ShaunClare C 6’2”278WilsonCharlie JuferBrockport State CollegeNorth1997
33JoeUderitz CB 5’11”170WilsonCharlie JuferAlfred UniversityNorth1997
41BenFaery LB 5’8”175WilsonCharlie JuferEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth1996
75PeteLepsch OL 6’0”235WilsonCharlie JuferBrockport State CollegeNorth1996
9RonUderitz DB / P 6’2”190WilsonCharlie JuferSt. John Fisher CollegeNorth1995
66PaulCervola C / G 5’9”205WilsonCharlie JuferUniversity of Northwestern OhioNorth1994
28RobGoodwin RB 5’11”182WilsonCharlie JuferSt. John Fisher CollegeNorth1993
99MattFaery DL 6’2”230WilsonCharlie JuferHoly CrossNorth1992
56JasonStapf C 6’3”220WilsonCharlie JuferNiagara County Community CollegeNorth1991
68RayKilmer LB 6’0”205WilsonCharlie JuferWest Virginia UniversityNorth1987
6JeffDinse SE 6’2”175WilsonCharlie JuferSt. LawrenceNorth1986
28BobbyHartz DB 5’11”155WilsonCharlie JuferUniversity of RochesterNorth1986
11ScottPerry* QB 6’2”185WilsonCharlie JuferHeidelberg UniversityNorth1985
53RonWilliams NG / OG 5’10”200WilsonCharlie JuferUniversity at BuffaloNorth1983
54LarryFried DT 6’2”225WilsonTom CoveyBrownNorth1979
82RickHillman WR 6’2”185WilsonTom CoveyPrinceton UniversityNorth1978
90PeteMcKernan K 5’10”175WilsonJim ConleyNorth1977
11DougSchroeder QB 6’2”185WilsonTom McCoveyNorth1976