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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
21LyleGrant RB / SS 5’6”180Alden CentralRob CurrinBaldwin Wallace CollegeSouth2016*
63LeytonMiner OL / DL 6’0”276Alden CentralRob CurrinHeidelberg UniversitySouth2016*
85DylanDussault WR / DE 6’4”193Alden CentralRob CurrinWalsh UniversitySouth2014
13BrianStoldt* QB / DB 5’11”190Alden CentralRob CurrinSt. LawrenceSouth2014
21CoreyBarczykowski RB / CB 6’1”190Alden CentralDick DiminucoErie Community CollegeSouth2013
63JasonBunk* DT / OT 6’3”276Alden CentralDick DiminucoUniversity at BuffaloSouth2013
78JoshChase OL / DL 6’2”250Alden CentralDick DiminucoErie Community CollegeSouth2012
22JustinPatterson RB / DB 5’8”185Alden CentralDick DiminucoUndecidedSouth2012
10NateBailey WR 5’11”180Alden CentralDick DiminucoEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSouth2011
25DakotaPeel* RB / DB 6’0”155Alden CentralDick DiminucoUtica CollegeSouth2011
14TylerStoldt* QB 6’2”175Alden CentralDick DiminucoEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSouth2011
43ChristianBarczykowski TE 6’8”210Alden CentralDick DiminucoNiagara County Community CollegeSouth2010
24ColeHuston RB 5’10”160Alden CentralDick DiminucoBuffalo State CollegeSouth2010
71NickMuscarella OL 6’4”305Alden CentralLance CayeaBuffalo State CollegeSouth2009
8MattSchwartz RB 6’0”190Alden CentralLance CayeaBuffalo State CollegeSouth2009
31RyanWilkinson SS / RB 5’6”150Alden CentralLance CayeaMedaille CollegeSouth2006
52BernieBarbuto OL 5’10”230Alden CentralLance CayeaErie Community CollegeSouth2005
77MattHenry OT / DT 6’2”280Alden CentralLance CayeaHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2005
11JoeBlahowicz QB / DB 6’3”175Alden CentralAdam StoltmanAllegheny CollegeSouth2002
25SeanGuyett RB / LB 5’9”188Alden CentralAdam StoltmanOhio Northern UniversitySouth2002
70JeffHelmicki G / D / L 6’0”220Alden CentralAdam StoltmanCortland State UniversitySouth2001
30JasonMeyers DB / RB 6’0”190Alden CentralAdam StoltmanSt. John Fisher CollegeSouth2000
63ChrisStroka LB 6’0”212Alden CentralAdam StoltmanMercyhurst UniversitySouth1999
75KenPartell G / T 6’2”225Alden CentralAdam StoltmanCanisius CollegeSouth1998
21AaronZyglis LB 6’2”207Alden CentralAdam StoltmanUniversity at BuffaloSouth1998*
25JasonDobe TE 6’0”185Alden CentralHarry HillAlfred UniversitySouth1997
20KevinSiska WR 6’2”190Alden CentralHarry HillHudson Valley Community CollegeSouth1997
28Ryan J.Siska LB 5’8”160Alden CentralHarry HillCanisius CollegeSouth1995
75ShawnBorgosz T 6’2”250Alden CentralHarry HillCanisius CollegeSouth1994
43ToddChoate RB 5’8”170Alden CentralHarry HillUndecidedSouth1993
87KyleHarper TE 6’2”205Alden CentralHarry HillRose-Hulman Institute of TechnologySouth1991
35AdamStoltman FB 6’1”205Alden CentralHarry HillIthaca CollegeSouth1989
50DanHill C / G 6’1”185Alden CentralHarry HillCanisius CollegeSouth1988
45ChuckMahoney RB 6’0”190Alden CentralHarry HillHudson Valley Community CollegeSouth1988
79BobLeach T 6’1”230Alden CentralHarry HillAlfredSouth1984
75MikePruitt OG 6’2”210Alden CentralHarry HillGenesee Community CollegeSouth1983
88MartinWirth DB 5’9”165Alden CentralHarry HillClarion University of PennsylvaniaSouth1982
52KeithTomaszewski C 6’0”200Alden CentralHarry HillClarion University of PennsylvaniaSouth1981
76MikeKubick T 6’0”225Alden CentralHarry HillEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSouth1980
24JayWeaver RB / LB 5’11”200Alden CentralHarry HillEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSouth1980
84GordonGlose WR 6’2”170Alden CentralHarry HillSouth1977