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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
76AndrewStoltman OL 6’2”270Bishop Timon-St. JudeCharlie CommerfordSt. Lawrence UniversitySouth2016*
4BrandonMay QB / LB 6’0”200Bishop Timon-St. JudeCharlie ComerfordMercyhurst CollegeSouth2015
1ArenzoThomas RB 5’8”170Bishop Timon-St. JudeCharlie ComerfordUtica CollegeSouth2015
30JacksonBrown LB / FB 5’9”218Bishop Timon-St. JudeCharlie ComerfordHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2013
39TomGioia Jr. K / P 5’8”215Bishop Timon-St. JudeCharlie ComerfordAlfred UniversitySouth2013
54SeanMurphy OG / DT 6’1”285Bishop Timon-St. JudeCharlie ComerfordAlfred UniversitySouth2013
99DeMiloGibbs DL / OL 6’2”320Bishop Timon-St. JudeCharlie ComerfordErie Community CollegeSouth2012
24JordanWilliams* WR 6’2”165Bishop Timon-St. JudeCharlie ComerfordEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSouth2012
15PatrickBrown TE 6’2”215Bishop Timon-St. JudeAl MonacoAlfred UniversitySouth2010
54AlanEngleka LB 6’0”195Bishop Timon-St. JudeAl MonacoAlfred UniversitySouth2010
85FranMarinaro TE 6’1”175Bishop Timon-St. JudeAl MonacoBuffalo State CollegeSouth2009
56DanielSkinner LB 6’2”230Bishop Timon-St. JudeAl MonacoAlfred UniversitySouth2008
79NickDipalma G / T 6’3”255Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickUndecidedSouth2005
5DonJemison RB 5’11”175Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickErie Community CollegeSouth2005
32JoeSullivan WR 6’2”210Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickErie Community CollegeSouth2005
50GaryCoughlin OL / DL 5’9”200Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickErie Community CollegeSouth2004
71IanConrad OL 6’2”255Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickUniversity at BuffaloSouth2003
50FrankHerlihy LB 6’2”218Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickCollege of the Holy CrossSouth2003
2NickParisi CB / LB 5’8”180Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickBuffalo State CollegeSouth2002
24VaughnGordon RB / CB 5’8”185Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickLackawanna CollegeSouth2001
42AndyKrause LB 6’0”210Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickBrockport State CollegeSouth2000
78ChrisScanlon DE 6’2”190Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickUndecidedSouth2000
20PaulFitzpatrick Jr. WR 6’2”170Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickSienaSouth1999
71KevinOverdorf OL 6’4”285Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickAlfred UniversitySouth1998
24ChrisMarinaro WR 5’10”164Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickBuffalo State CollegeSouth1997
72JoeVan Slycke DE 6’1”220Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickUniversity of RochesterSouth1997
79TimFitzgibbons OT 6’5”250Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickBridgton AcademySouth1996
19DanGranville SS 6’0”180Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickCanisius CollegeSouth1996
22PatrickClancy TE 5’11”190Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickCanisius CollegeSouth1995
27NicholasSchmidle TE / DE 6’2”208Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickUniversity at BuffaloSouth1995
12RickDiamond QB 6’2”220Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickBrockport State CollegeSouth1994
35BillFitzpatrick TE 5’11”180Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickSiena CollegeSouth1994
73DanRivera* OL 6’2”250Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickBlair AcademySouth1993
64TomClementson G 6’1”220Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickQuincy CollegeSouth1992
20MikeFitzpatrick WR 6’3”180Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickWorcester AcademySouth1992
55MattHoare G / OL 6’1”205Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickAllegheny CollegeSouth1991
56ScottPeoples OL / NG 6’1”294Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickFairmont State UniversitySouth1991
31JoseRodriguez FB 5’8”185Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickUniversity of RochesterSouth1991
64MarkKirk G 6’1”200Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickHoly CrossSouth1990
17JohnKuzina SE 6’0”155Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickJamestown Community CollegeSouth1990
86MattClifford DE / TE 6’2”180Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickUniversity at BuffaloSouth1989
21JoeParisi SS 6’1”195Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickUniversity at BuffaloSouth1989
50Michael T.Peoples C 5’10”270Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickWagner CollegeSouth1989
72NedKirk T 6’3”215Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickColumbiaSouth1988
71LarryLawicki G 6’1”230Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickCanisius CollegeSouth1988
73MikeCulligan* T / C 6’2”230Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickHoly CrossSouth1987
20MikeDoctor DB 5’10”175Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickUndecidedSouth1987
71MarkKirchberger T 6’2”215Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickAlfredSouth1987
21ChrisLicata NG 5’10”190Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickIthaca CollegeSouth1986
63BryanO’Connor OT 5’11”205Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickAlfred State CollegeSouth1986
46MikeReardon DB 6’0”170Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickCanisius CollegeSouth1985
82KevinAkromas OE / DE 6’1”200Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSouth1984
88SeanDoctor LB / OE 6’0”195Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickWestminster CollegeSouth1984*
55TomDoctor OG 6’0”210Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickUndecidedSouth1983*
42SteveWojciechowski RB 6’0”210Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickSt. LawrenceSouth1983
87MikeHoare QB 6’0”190Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickAlfredSouth1982
84JayWegelin E 6’0”175Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickErie Community CollegeSouth1981
83AlanZiobro E 6’2”200Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickEastern Wyoming CollegeSouth1981
82TomBeamish DE 6’2”195Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickCanisius CollegeSouth1980
50MikeToy G / LB 6’1”205Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickCanisius CollegeSouth1980
61KevinIllig OL 6’1”215Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickAlfred UniversitySouth1979
25MikeSchuster RB 5’9”170Bishop Timon-St. JudePaul FitzpatrickAlfred UniversitySouth1979
7RickBeamish DH 5’11”180Bishop Timon-St. JudeJoe O’GradyHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth1978
76JonHitchens DT 6’2”260Bishop Timon-St. JudeJoe O’GradySouth1978
10ChrisMetz QB 6’1”160Bishop Timon-St. JudeJoe O’GradySouth1977
63JoeTalty OG 5’9”190Bishop Timon-St. JudeJoe O’GradySouth1977