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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
5JakeNiland RB / SS 5’8”170Grand IslandDean SantorioCanisius CollegeNorth2016*
13JeremiahWilkes II CB 6’0”170Grand IslandDean SantorioUndecidedNorth2016*
17AnthonyMosher WR / DB 5’11”170Grand IslandDean SantorioSeton Hill UniversityNorth2015
58NickPaolini DT / OL 5’11”255Grand IslandDean SantorioBuffalo State CollegeNorth2015
84TommyDoctor* DE / TE 6’4”240Grand IslandDean SantorioFork Union Military AcademyNorth2014
23PaulSukmanowski LB / RB 5’11”215Grand IslandDean SantorioBuffalo State CollegeNorth2014
80ChrisConnors WR / DE 6’2”185Grand IslandDean SantorioUndecidedNorth2013
15AnthonyZogaria LB / RB 5’9”220Grand IslandDean SantorioThiel CollegeNorth2013
78ChuckGrunzweig DT 6’2”255Grand IslandDean SantorioBrockport State CollegeNorth2012
10EddieKrecisz WR / S 5’10”180Grand IslandDean SantorioBrockport State CollegeNorth2012
6BrettDlugosz LB 5’10”200Grand IslandDean SantorioBuffalo State CollegeNorth2010
77EricHarnden DT 6’4”280Grand IslandDean SantorioErie Community CollegeNorth2010
21AndyLaLonde RB 5’9”165Grand IslandDean SantorioMaritime College State UniversityNorth2010
17AlexNeutz WR 6’3”195Grand IslandDean SantorioUniversity at BuffaloNorth2009
37EddieWeiser RB 6’0”205Grand IslandDean SantorioBuffalo State CollegeNorth2009
53ChristianNestark LB 5’11”200Grand IslandDean SantorioErie Community CollegeNorth2008
77NickTomkins DT 6’0”285Grand IslandDean SantorioGannon UniversityNorth2008
84JamesRayhill DE / TE 6’2”185Grand IslandDean SantorioHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth2007
7RyanHarvey RB 5’9”190Grand IslandDean SantorioCortland State UniversityNorth2006
80DerekMoody LB 6’0”205Grand IslandDean SantorioAlfred UniversityNorth2006
22GlennBird RB / S 5’9”175Grand IslandDean SantorioErie Community CollegeNorth2005
66ColinThompson DT / OT 6’2”275Grand IslandDean SantorioNiagara County Community CollegeNorth2005
2MikeBlocho RB / FS 5’8”160Grand IslandDean SantorioCanisius CollegeNorth2004
10BrettKern P 6’3”195Grand IslandDean SantorioUniversity of ToledoNorth2004**
42ShawnCrowley DE 6’0”190Grand IslandDean SantorioBuffalo State CollegeNorth2003
74SteveWest OG 5’11”200Grand IslandDean SantorioErie Community CollegeNorth2002
19MarkHajnos WR / S 6’4”190Grand IslandGene MastersUniversity at BuffaloNorth2001
15JasonReaser FB / DE 6’0”190Grand IslandGene MastersBuffalo State CollegeNorth2000
7J.J.Tutwiler* QB 6’0”185Grand IslandGene MastersCortland State UniversityNorth2000
30BradGreenfield WR 5’10”190Grand IslandGene MastersIthaca CollegeNorth1999
24VinceWeselak CB 5’9”175Grand IslandGene MastersUniversity at BuffaloNorth1996
55RichardDarnley OL 5’11”220Grand IslandGene MastersUniversity at BuffaloNorth1995
7JoelMoran QB / WR 6’0”180Grand IslandGene MastersBrockport State CollegeNorth1994
55PaulPrior DL 5’8”205Grand IslandGene MastersNiagara County Community CollegeNorth1993
3AnthonyScott WR 6’2”205Grand IslandGene MastersUniversity at BuffaloNorth1993
9TomFeeney DB 5’10”180Grand IslandGene MastersBlair AcademyNorth1992
29ScottMcDonnell LB 5’11”220Grand IslandGene MastersUniversity at BuffaloNorth1992
11BobMcDonnell QB 5’11”185Grand IslandGene MastersCanisius CollegeNorth1992
54JimMaglisceau DT 6’6”230Grand IslandGene MastersMarshall UniversityNorth1991
82ChrisOursler WR 6’2”180Grand IslandGene MastersCanisius CollegeNorth1990
13CliffScott* QB 6’2”195Grand IslandGene MastersMarshall UniversityNorth1990
45BrianSykes FB 5’10”170Grand IslandGene MastersUndecidedNorth1990
15MikeBraddell DB 5’11”190Grand IslandGene MastersBrockport State CollegeNorth1989
58DanMuoio LB 5’10”195Grand IslandGene MastersUndecidedNorth1989
89JasonDombrowski CB 6’0”175Grand IslandGene MastersNiagara County Community CollegeNorth1988
11RichDworak QB 6’0”190Grand IslandGene MastersUndecidedNorth1988
31MarcCastellani WR 5’11”190Grand IslandGene MastersCornell UniversityNorth1987
50KentMartin C 6’0”205Grand IslandGene MastersAlfredNorth1987
54CraigMartin NG 6’0”205Grand IslandGene MastersWest Virginia UniversityNorth1987
24ScottVerost DE 6’1”205Grand IslandGene MastersAlfredNorth1987
10DeanSantorio QB 5’9”155Grand IslandGene MastersWestminster CollegeNorth1986
81JamieAdamczyk WR 5’11”170Grand IslandGene MastersEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth1985
44ScottBuzby* DE 6’0”220Grand IslandGene MastersMiami UniversityNorth1985
51EricGinsburg OT 6’0”220Grand IslandGene MastersCanisius CollegeNorth1984
22JerryGorrell RB / DB 6’0”170Grand IslandGene MastersEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth1983
34MikeMuoio DE 6’0”195Grand IslandGene MastersEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth1982
56BarryBarker OG 6’0”195Grand IslandGene MastersEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth1981
25ChrisWendel DB 5’10”170Grand IslandGene MastersGannon UniversityNorth1981
44BobBeauregard LB 6’3”200Grand IslandGene MastersEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth1980
41DougJankowski DE 5’11”180Grand IslandGene MastersKent State UniversityNorth1980
31JimCook DB 6’2”198Grand IslandGene MastersUniversity at BuffaloNorth1979
73MarkEhde DT 6’4”250Grand IslandGene MastersSyracuse UniversityNorth1979
23RobertCostanzo QB 5’10”180Grand IslandGene MastersUniversity at BuffaloNorth1978
50FredFord LB 6’3”180Grand IslandGene MastersFort Hays State UniversityNorth1978
MikeBoyd RB 5’11”165Grand IslandGene MastersNorth1977