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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
37HenryGunner LB / DE 5’11”192Iroquois CentralKeith MarshallCentre College – KentuckySouth2016*
31MorganMariacher SS / RB 5’9”185Iroquois CentralKeith MarshallSUNY MaritimeSouth2016*
52JaredGasz C / DT 6’2”300Iroquois CentralKeith MarshallMorrisville CollegeSouth2015
3JeffYax S / WR 6’1”170Iroquois CentralKeith MarshallErie Community CollegeSouth2014
27TylerMiller RB 5’10”185Iroquois CentralKeith MarshallUnited States Marine CorpsSouth2013
54BrandonVernen OL / DL 5’11”240Iroquois CentralKeith MarshallErie Community CollegeSouth2012
22MattKrempholtz LB 5’10”180Iroquois CentralFrank PayneBrockport State CollegeSouth2010
64BoomerBrock OL 5’11”265Iroquois CentralFrank PayneGannon UniversitySouth2009
45BillyDesiderio* LB 6’1”220Iroquois CentralFrank PayneLake Erie CollegeSouth2009
2PaulEvans WR 6’4”210Iroquois CentralFrank PayneUndecidedSouth2008
63JoshJesonowski OL 6’0”265Iroquois CentralFrank PayneEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSouth2008
25TommyLewis DB 5’10”185Iroquois CentralFrank PayneCortland State UniversitySouth2008
54NickKakavand* OL 6’0”210Iroquois CentralFrank PayneErie Community CollegeSouth2007
3MikePerillo DB 5’11”185Iroquois CentralFrank PayneUniversity at AlbanySouth2007
7KyleShevlin QB / K 6’0”185Iroquois CentralFrank PayneSt. John Fisher CollegeSouth2007
46MattGartler DE / FB 6’1”250Iroquois CentralFrank PayneGannon UniversitySouth2006
53BrianCraig LB / OL 5’9”190Iroquois CentralFrank PayneErie Community CollegeSouth2005
27SteveMamak* RB / SS 5’10”185Iroquois CentralFrank PayneMuskingum UniversitySouth2005
6JohnCunningham WR / DB 5’11”180Iroquois CentralFrank PayneNiagara UniversitySouth2004
10SteveStepnick QB / CB 6’1”185Iroquois CentralFrank PayneSt. John Fisher CollegeSouth2004
47DougBlakowski RB 5’10”175Iroquois CentralFrank PayneHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2003
17JeremyBurr WR 5’10”160Iroquois CentralFrank PayneErie Community CollegeSouth2003
55AdamJason DL 6’0”200Iroquois CentralFrank PayneIthaca CollegeSouth2003
8JohnJimenez QB / CB 6’4”215Iroquois CentralFrank PayneUniversity of RochesterSouth2002
58JohnPiwko LB / C 6’0”225Iroquois CentralFrank PayneErie Community CollegeSouth2002
55MattKeem G 6’0”225Iroquois CentralFrank PayneSt. John Fisher CollegeSouth2001
3NicholasWeatherbee WR 6’3”185Iroquois CentralFrank PayneSt. John Fisher CollegeSouth2001
13R.J.Coleman QB 6’0”185Iroquois CentralFrank PayneAssumption CollegeSouth2000
71BradKeem DE 6’2”205Iroquois CentralFrank PayneSt. John Fisher CollegeSouth2000
78JasonNesci OL 6’1”235Iroquois CentralPat ArouneCanisius CollegeSouth1999
57BrianHammond DL 6’5”245Iroquois CentralPat ArouneUniversity at BuffaloSouth1998
88LarryPiskorowski TE 6’1”192Iroquois CentralScott RolloAllegheny CollegeSouth1995
24MikeFliss SE 6’0”185Iroquois CentralScott RolloCanisius CollegeSouth1994
50MikeJaworski OL 6’0”215Iroquois CentralScott RolloCanisius CollegeSouth1993
10MarkTaylor QB 6’1”190Iroquois CentralScott RolloUniversity at BuffaloSouth1992
88MikeDonovan WR 5’11”195Iroquois CentralTony PaglieiBuffalo State CollegeSouth1991
10MarkMozrall K 5’11”178Iroquois CentralScott RolloUniversity at BuffaloSouth1991
23EricAchman SE 5’10”170Iroquois CentralScott RolloRensselaer Polytechnic InstituteSouth1990
11TimForrest QB 6’0”190Iroquois CentralScott RolloCanisius CollegeSouth1990
9DaveJezewski QB 5’11”185Iroquois CentralArchie O’BryanMuskingum UniversitySouth1987
98DanHand LE 6’0”195Iroquois CentralArchie O’BryanIndiana University PennsylvaniaSouth1986
31JimJarocinski NG 5’8”205Iroquois CentralArchie O’BryanUniversity at BuffaloSouth1986
11TimLowrey DB 5’7”155Iroquois CentralArchie O’BryanUniversity of FloridaSouth1985
34TimMiller WR / S 5’10”165Iroquois CentralArchie O’BryanUndecidedSouth1984
88ScottShowalter K / DE 5’6”175Iroquois CentralArchie O’BryanCortland State UniversitySouth1983
21TimSlade RB 5’10”165Iroquois CentralArchie O’BryanBrockport State CollegeSouth1983
57DennisO’Brien LB 5’11”180Iroquois CentralCharlie FunkeBowling Green State UniversitySouth1982
11DanWelkley S 6’0”180Iroquois CentralCharlie FunkeIthaca CollegeSouth1982
51JohnMariacher LB 5’11”190Iroquois CentralCharlie FunkeUndecidedSouth1981
88GreggEvans WR 5’8”160Iroquois CentralCharlie FunkeCanisius CollegeSouth1980
11JeffSouder QB 6’0”180Iroquois CentralCharlie FunkeWestminster CollegeSouth1980
33LarryClark RB 5’11”185Iroquois CentralCharlie FunkeUnited States Naval AcademySouth1979
44ChrisPera RB 6’3”215Iroquois CentralCharlie FunkeEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSouth1978
63TomFeneziani OG 5’11”210Iroquois CentralCharlie FunkeSouth1977