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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
21DionWoods WR / RB 5’11”175Kenmore EastPat VeltriUndecidedNorth2016**
44KurtMcGowan RB / LB 5’9”190Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraSUNY at BuffaloNorth2015
75MatthewRymarczyk OL / DL 6’3”275Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraErie Community CollegeNorth2015
14ConnorMcMahon DB / QB 5’11”155Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraBuffalo State CollegeNorth2014
71JaredDolan OL / DL 6’2”250Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraBuffalo State CollegeNorth2013
24JordanWainwright RB / WR 6’0”175Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraErie Community CollegeNorth2012
22JohnAlessandra DB 5’11”185Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraBuffalo State CollegeNorth2011
13KevinWagner WR 6’2”190Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraAlfred UniversityNorth2010
7MikeDoherty WR 6’2”180Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth2009*
78DominicFraterrigo DL / OL 6’1”275Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraBuffalo State CollegeNorth2009
50JosephWatson OL 6’2”185Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraUndecidedNorth2007
17MarkBoswell CB 5’9”165Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraUniversity of Mount UnionNorth2006
24StevenStillman WR / LB 6’1”180Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraErie Community CollegeNorth2005
3MarkBly LB 6’1”185Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraCortland State UniversityNorth2002
10JeffBly LB 6’1”185Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraBrockport State CollegeNorth2002
5AaronRobinson DB 5’11”185Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraUniversity of Mount UnionNorth2002
50BradDragonette OG 5’9”210Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraHilbert CollegeNorth2001
81MarkMenchetti K / P 6’2”200Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraBrockport State CollegeNorth2001
55StevenSmith T 6’4”285Kenmore EastMatt ChimeraUniversity of RochesterNorth2001
78TimHedges T 6’6”288Kenmore EastMike ChristmanUniversity at BuffaloNorth1997
69JasonSmith T 6’3”255Kenmore EastMike ChristmanCanisius CollegeNorth1997
2ReggieWhatley SB 5’7”155Kenmore EastMike ChristmanAlfred State CollegeNorth1997
25TimCamp LB 5’11”185Kenmore EastRobert VossBuffalo State CollegeNorth1996
63MikeDeLuca DE 5’9”195Kenmore EastRobert VossUniversity at BuffaloNorth1995
37BillBing FB / RB 6’1”200Kenmore EastRobert VossUndecidedNorth1994
20ToddNeubert RB 6’0”195Kenmore EastRobert VossEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth1991
10PeteRiedy DB 6’1”180Kenmore EastRobert VossSlippery Rock University of PennsylvaniaNorth1990
56TerryPeterson T 6’2”218Kenmore EastRobert VossAlfredNorth1989
2JimBadgley CB 5’11”175Kenmore EastRobert VossCanisius CollegeNorth1988
76TonyAdiutori T 6’3”215Kenmore EastBruce MacKellarDartmouth CollegeNorth1986
83PatMaghrak WR 5’9”160Kenmore EastBruce MacKellarNiagara County Community CollegeNorth1985
76ChrisFrauenhofer DE 6’0”185Kenmore EastBruce MacKellarCanisius CollegeNorth1984
54JamesKurbiel OT 6’1”210Kenmore EastBruce MacKellarUnion CollegeNorth1983
52MarcPanepinto DE 5’9”188Kenmore EastBruce MacKellarBoston UniversityNorth1983
75WesDove T 6’6”235Kenmore EastBruce MacKellarSyracuse UniversityNorth1982
70MikePerrelli C 6’1”230Kenmore EastBruce MacKellarAlfredNorth1982
88PeteAskey TE 6’3”190Kenmore EastBruce MacKellarPrinceton UniversityNorth1981
35JimDiNezza T 5’11”200Kenmore EastBruce MacKellarUndecidedNorth1980
70DonO’Brien T 6’1”210Kenmore EastBruce MacKellarAlfredNorth1980
41KenFabozzi WR 5’10”170Kenmore EastBruce MacKellarUniversity at BuffaloNorth1979
50BobNelson OC 6’3”190Kenmore EastBruce MacKellarCornell UniversityNorth1979
10JeffFischer QB 6’0”185Kenmore EastDick AdamsSyracuse UniversityNorth1978
22JimPritchard RB 6’1”180Kenmore EastDick AdamsColumbia CollegeNorth1978
77CharlesWagner OT 6’2”215Kenmore EastDick AdamsEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth1978
43BillFish DB 6’0”180Kenmore EastDick AdamsNorth1977
50TomFron C 6’0”200Kenmore EastDick AdamsNorth1977
63GregoryKerr OG / DT 6’2”210Kenmore EastDick AdamsNorth1976