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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
5ChrisLiberatore WR 5’11”185Orchard ParkGene TundoMercyhurst CollegeSouth2016*
42RonnieShul LB 6’0”195Orchard ParkGene TundoMercyhurst CollegeSouth2016*
24BillyMyers RB 6’1”190Orchard ParkGene TundoSUNY at BuffaloSouth2015
88JakeCullen TE / LB 6’1”225Orchard ParkGene TundoWashington & Jefferson CollegeSouth2014
20RyanFalsone WR / RB 5’8”170Orchard ParkGene TundoHobart and William Smith CollegeSouth2014
26De’SeanWalker RB / LB 5’10”205Orchard ParkGene TundoErie Community CollegeSouth2014
23AustinReese K / P 6’0”200Orchard ParkGene TundoSt. Francis UniversitySouth2012
34ChaseSmith DL 6’3”247Orchard ParkGene TundoIthaca CollegeSouth2012
20PaulLeavell S 5’10”185Orchard ParkGene TundoSt. John Fisher CollegeSouth2011
18KyleWitkowski QB 5’11”183Orchard ParkGene TundoJohn Carroll UniversitySouth2011
72NickBonacquisti OL 6’2”275Orchard ParkGene TundoMercyhurst UniversitySouth2009
99NateLongbine* DE 6’0”190Orchard ParkGene TundoThiel CollegeSouth2009
66JustinMesi OL 6’0”265Orchard ParkGene TundoAlfred UniversitySouth2009
78RandyBloom DL 6’4”275Orchard ParkGene TundoGannon UniversitySouth2008
11JoeLeavell LB 5’11”215Orchard ParkGene TundoSt. John Fisher CollegeSouth2008
8JasonLadouceur DB 6’0”185Orchard ParkGene TundoGannon UniversitySouth2007
10MikeLeavell DB 5’10”185Orchard ParkGene TundoSt. John Fisher CollegeSouth2007
84GregMichael DE 6’3”215Orchard ParkGene TundoCanisius CollegeSouth2007
21RonFulton DB / WR 5’11”175Orchard ParkGene TundoSacred Heart UniversitySouth2006
9SeanMoran LB / FB 5’10”208Orchard ParkGene TundoUniversity of Mount UnionSouth2006
72JohnBoyd OT / DT 6’5”270Orchard ParkGene TundoUniversity at AlbanySouth2005
88ChrisMurphy TE / DE 6’4”250Orchard ParkGene TundoGannon UniversitySouth2005
68JasonWeber DT / OG 6’0”265Orchard ParkGene TundoUrbana UniversitySouth2005
84MattGraham TE / LB 6’3”225Orchard ParkGene TundoFordham UniversitySouth2004
27CodyWilliams* RB / CB 5’9”182Orchard ParkGene TundoColgate UniversitySouth2004
19JonCorto* QB 6’1”190Orchard ParkGene TundoSacred Heart UniversitySouth2003*
65LukeSienk OL 6’0”216Orchard ParkGene TundoRochester Institute of TechnologySouth2003
39KevinWeber LB / RB 6’2”230Orchard ParkGene TundoUrbana UniversitySouth2003
45VernonVarela LB 6’1”225Orchard ParkGene TundoBuffalo State CollegeSouth2002
83ChrisWilliams WR / DB 5’11”175Orchard ParkGene TundoColgate UniversitySouth2002
25NickCampanile FS 5’11”190Orchard ParkGene TundoSienaSouth2000
12AndyO’Hara DE 6’1”220Orchard ParkGene TundoUniversity at BuffaloSouth1998
12BrianAyrault QB 6’2”205Orchard ParkGene TundoUniversity at AlbanySouth1997
73JasonConidi T 6’0”240Orchard ParkGene TundoCanisius CollegeSouth1997
85KyleDomogala DT 6’3”210Orchard ParkGene TundoCortland State UniversitySouth1997
19DanielBoland QB 6’5”205Orchard ParkGene TundoHoly Cross CollegeSouth1995
39BrandonJanesz FB 6’0”214Orchard ParkGene TundoBuffalo State CollegeSouth1995
71SethHuber* T 6’1”265Orchard ParkDan ElvinNortheastern UniversitySouth1994
12JayCross QB 6’4”205Orchard ParkDan ElvinBridgton AcademySouth1993
55SteveStevens DL 6’3”210Orchard ParkDan ElvinUndecidedSouth1993
11TonyPitts WR 6’0”185Orchard ParkDan ElvinHoward UniversitySouth1992
19MarkMoscato QB 6’0”164Orchard ParkDan ElvinUniversity of Notre DameSouth1991
44PaulFerreri RB / DB 5’8”180Orchard ParkDan ElvinJohn Hopkins UniversitySouth1989
7RockyGocella QB 6’4”205Orchard ParkDan ElvinUndecidedSouth1989
28MarkAnderson RB 5’10”175Orchard ParkDan ElvinUndecidedSouth1988
77AldoCanastrari T 6’0”230Orchard ParkDan ElvinThe Kiski SchoolSouth1988
12PatMonile RB 5’9”175Orchard ParkDan ElvinMichigan State UniversitySouth1987
7SteveHollins FL 5’8”150Orchard ParkDan ElvinUniversity of South CarolinaSouth1986
77DanSnow C 6’0”220Orchard ParkDan ElvinUniversity at BuffaloSouth1986
57DaleWofley* OG 6’2”255Orchard ParkDan ElvinWest Virginia UniversitySouth1986
67MarkHudak OL 5’9”235Orchard ParkDan ElvinSlippery Rock University of PennsylvaniaSouth1985
65DougNemec OL 5’11”200Orchard ParkDan ElvinUniversity at BuffaloSouth1985
77RobertCanestrari OT 6’0”217Orchard ParkBruce FrazerBucknell UniversitySouth1984
7DaveHollins QB / DB 6’1”180Orchard ParkBruce FrazerUniversity of South CarolinaSouth1984*
77PeteReichert OT 6’2”235Orchard ParkBruce FrazerEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSouth1983
86KeithCowan TE 6’0”210Orchard ParkTony PolicareUniversity of MichiganSouth1982
74DavidPillets T 6’3”228Orchard ParkTony PolicareAlfred UniversitySouth1981
73MikeRobel G 6’1”228Orchard ParkTony PolicareEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSouth1981
0DanSmith RB / DB 6’1”190Orchard ParkTony PolicareColumbiaSouth1980
43DanZielinski LB 6’3”210Orchard ParkTony PolicareAppalachian State UniversitySouth1980
22SamCultis DHB 5’11”170Orchard ParkTony PolicareHudson Valley Community CollegeSouth1979
77JohnFauth DL 6’0”238Orchard ParkTony PolicareBucknell UniversitySouth1979
53BrianWilson C 6’2”250Orchard ParkTony PolicareBowling Green State UniversitySouth1978
77JimBurt DT 6’2”240Orchard ParkTony PolicareSouth1977*
66LarryPfohl OG / DE 6’4”240Orchard ParkHarris WienkeNorth1976*
76CraigWolfley OT / DT 6’3”240Orchard ParkHarris WienkeNorth1976**