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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
7TyreeBrown QB 5’10”180South ParkTim DelaneyNassau Community CollegeSouth2016*
24AustinNeal CB 5’9”170South ParkTim DelaneyBuffalo State CollegeSouth2016
1DavidThomas WR 6’0”185South ParkTim DelaneyWagner CollegeSouth2016*
8WilquanBurgess RB / LB 5’8”192South ParkTim DelaneyErie Community CollegeSouth2015
9WilliamBurgess RB / LB 5’8”185South ParkTim DelaneyErie Community CollegeSouth2015
6AntonioLeonard* WR / CB 6’0”175South ParkTim DelaneyErie Community CollegeSouth2015
14BrandonJefferson WR / DB 6’0”175South ParkTim DelaneyErie Community CollegeSouth2014
18EdgardoBerrios WR / DB 6’0”190South ParkTim DelaneyBuffalo State CollegeSouth2013
52CarltonHall OL / DL 6’0”253South ParkTim DelaneyErie Community CollegeSouth2012
4DylanVan Volkenburg DB 6’0”190South ParkTim DelaneyErie Community CollegeSouth2012
15ByronBanks LB 5’7”180South ParkTim DelaneyUndecidedSouth2011
55JohnMcConnell DT 6’6”280South ParkTim DelaneyErie Community CollegeSouth2011
17RobertMalave RB 5’9”160South ParkTim DelaneyUtica CollegeSouth2010
34ZackRojek FB / LB 6’0”185South ParkKen PopeOhio Wesylan UniversitySouth2005
75AdrielSantiago OL / DT 6’3”285South ParkKen PopeUndecidedSouth2005
5PeterNguyen QB / S 5’11”180South ParkKen PopeBuffalo State CollegeSouth2004
1AntioneHorton DB 6’0”225South ParkKen PopeCanton State UniversitySouth2000
35TerrellMoore TE 6’4”215South ParkKen PopeGannon UniversitySouth2000
2TimDelaney RB 5’10”180South ParkJerry ObsteinBuffalo State CollegeSouth1998
6JeromeJohnson WR 6’1”190South ParkJerry ObsteinCanton State UniversitySouth1998
1KeithSmoot QB 5’11”180South ParkJerry ObsteinThiel CollegeSouth1998
7CarlosSpencer TB 5’10”180South ParkJerry ObsteinMorgan State UniversitySouth1997
1DerekBaker SE 5’11”165South ParkJerry ObsteinBuffalo State CollegeSouth1996
4DemetriusDuncan WR 6’0”180South ParkJerry ObsteinAlfred State CollegeSouth1995
7MauriceHowie WR 6’0”170South ParkJerry ObsteinAlfred State CollegeSouth1995
73JonBobel E 6’4”200South ParkJerry ObsteinAllegheny CollegeSouth1994
42VictorCollins LB 5’8”185South ParkJerry ObsteinUndecidedSouth1994
1GregRussell QB 5’8”175South ParkJerry ObsteinBuffalo State CollegeSouth1994
8HowardBishop WR 5’9”175South ParkJerry ObsteinUniversity at BuffaloSouth1993
2RickLaw DE 6’3”220South ParkJerry ObsteinGrambling State UniversitySouth1993
6LeonScott RB 6’0”190South ParkJerry ObsteinEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaSouth1992
34EricMorris RB 5’11”189South ParkJerry ObsteinMt. San Antonio CollegeSouth1991
71MatthewStoltman T 6’2”230South ParkJerry ObsteinBuffalo State CollegeSouth1990
1NigelBostic RB 6’3”218South ParkJerry ObsteinPasadena Community CollegeSouth1989
55CraigPryor LB 6’0”195South ParkJerry ObsteinUndecidedSouth1988
81JamieWilson DE 6’0”185South ParkJerry ObsteinBuffalo State CollegeSouth1987
84DavidRudd WR / K 6’1”175South ParkFrank KaniaBrockport State CollegeSouth1984
35JayJordan DB 6’0”175South ParkFrank KaniaUndecidedSouth1983
51AlPilot OG 6’1”190South ParkFrank KaniaUndecidedSouth1982
33VincentGreen S 5’11”170South ParkFrank KaniaMorehead State UniversitySouth1981
73TonyMarinaro DT 6’2”220South ParkHerb CoyneSouth1978
83RichWalton E 6’2”180South ParkHerb CoyneSouth1976