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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
53JoeArmenia LB / OT 5’11”190Sweet HomeJohn FallerCanisius CollegeNorth2016
55AustinWilson C / DE 6’0”220Sweet HomeJohn FallerDaemen CollegeNorth2016*
11AdrianDrake WR / DB 6’3”185Sweet HomeJohn FallerJohn Carroll UniversityNorth2015
16JordanEvert RB / DB 6’1”185Sweet HomeJohn FallerBuffalo State CollegeNorth2015
63KevinGault DT / OT 6’3”275Sweet HomeJohn FallerAllan Hancock CollegeNorth2014
52JohnNavarro OT / DT 6’1”270Sweet HomeJohn FallerBuffalo State CollegeNorth2014
8ShawnHeubert LB 6’0”205Sweet HomeJohn FallerUndecidedNorth2013
10MikeTorrillo QB 6’2”180Sweet HomeJohn FallerBrockport State CollegeNorth2013
2JordanJohnson* QB / RB 6’1”215Sweet HomeJohn FallerUniversity at BuffaloNorth2012
5MikalColeman* DE 5’11”235Sweet HomeJohn FallerMidland UniversityNorth2011
14KyleLuchey DB 6’0”175Sweet HomeJohn FallerErie Community CollegeNorth2011
9RalphNeasman III RB 5’9”160Sweet HomeJohn FallerUndecidedNorth2011
51AnthonyDurno OL 6’2”215Sweet HomeJohn FallerBuffalo State CollegeNorth2010
15PatrickMcMahon* QB 5’10”205Sweet HomeJohn FallerMonroe Community CollegeNorth2010
9CaseyKacz* QB 6’1”180Sweet HomeJohn FallerChowan UniversityNorth2009
53StevePhillips OL / DL 6’2”245Sweet HomeJohn FallerBuffalo State CollegeNorth2009
50RyanWilson* C / OL 6’2”245Sweet HomeJohn FallerEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth2009
71NickChristman* NT 6’2”285Sweet HomeJohn FallerEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth2008
1MarcusJohnson RB / CB 5’11”175Sweet HomeJohn FallerEdinboro University of PennsylvaniaNorth2008
7AllenDouglas RB 5’8”185Sweet HomeJohn FallerUniversity at BuffaloNorth2007
50DrewGraziadei* OL 6’4”275Sweet HomeJohn FallerErie Community CollegeNorth2006
55JoshBrant G / LB 6’3”230Sweet HomeJohn FallerBuffalo State CollegeNorth2005
25KennethJohnson LB / FB 5’7”175Sweet HomeJohn FallerBuffalo State CollegeNorth2005
12JonMcMahon QB / LB 5’9”190Sweet HomeJohn FallerUniversity of HartfordNorth2005
28BennettDellebovi WR 5’9”170Sweet HomeJohn FallerBuffalo State CollegeNorth2004
22WilliamFernandez* RB / DB 6’1”198Sweet HomeJohn FallerErie Community CollegeNorth2004
54NickDel Nuova LB 6’0”235Sweet HomeJohn FallerBrockport State CollegeNorth2003
20CorvairHarge* DB 5’10”175Sweet HomeJohn FallerCentral Connecticut State UniversityNorth2003
26ToddRobertson DE 6’2”205Sweet HomeJohn FallerUniversity at BuffaloNorth2003*
8KevinRyan SE 6’0”185Sweet HomeJohn FallerCanisius CollegeNorth2002
22J.J.Gibson* RB / DB 5’10”185Sweet HomeJohn FallerUniversity at BuffaloNorth2000
68KirkLaubenstein DL 6’1”305Sweet HomeJohn FallerHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1999
45KeithO’Neil LB / TE 6’1”215Sweet HomeJohn FallerNorthern Arizona UniversityNorth1999
22JeffGordon DE / DB 5’9”190Sweet HomeJohn FallerHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1998
26DurrellHatch RB 5’11”185Sweet HomeJohn FallerHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1998
74ByronMcKinney* OL 6’0”245Sweet HomeJohn FallerKent State UniversityNorth1998
5TimRound K / P 5’10”185Sweet HomeJohn FallerBuffalo State CollegeNorth1998
54R.J.Filipiak LB 6’1”225Sweet HomeJohn FallerAllegheny CollegeNorth1997
1MarcusHalloway* T 5’11”200Sweet HomeJohn FallerAlfred State CollegeNorth1997
23ReggieAnthony FL 6’0”160Sweet HomeJohn FallerUndecidedNorth1996
16MikeMinnuto RB 6’0”195Sweet HomeJohn FallerCanisius CollegeNorth1996
86TonyDoran* TE / DE 6’2”225Sweet HomeJohn FallerFort Scott Community CollegeNorth1994
72JasonNeupert NT 6’2”260Sweet HomeJohn FallerNiagara County Community CollegeNorth1994
52SteveCholewa* LB 6’0”230Sweet HomeJohn FallerArmy Ranger SchoolNorth1993
5JamesRice RB 5’10”180Sweet HomeJohn FallerMarine Corps UniversityNorth1993
60RobTresp OL 6’0”240Sweet HomeJohn FallerUniversity of NebraskaNorth1993
22ArtisCaffee RB 6’0”185Sweet HomeJohn FallerHudson Valley Community CollegeNorth1992
51MattLeftwich OL 6’0”230Sweet HomeJohn FallerBrockport State CollegeNorth1992
71IkeBullock LB 6’3”210Sweet HomeJohn FallerBuffalo State CollegeNorth1991
15JonMichalski QB 6’2”200Sweet HomeJohn FallerAlfred UniversityNorth1991
58ToddFaller OT 6’2”230Sweet HomeJohn FallerBridgton AcademyNorth1990
52GasperinoFulfaro OG 5’10”200Sweet HomeJohn FallerNiagara County Community CollegeNorth1990
72RobBandish* NG 6’1”230Sweet HomeJohn FallerMercyhurst UniversityNorth1989
40ChrisKowalski WR / DB 5’7”150Sweet HomeJohn FallerCanisius CollegeNorth1989
17T.J.Geraci CB 5’9”170Sweet HomeJohn FallerHobart and William Smith CollegeNorth1988
5SteveMarshall FL 5’8”170Sweet HomeJohn FallerUniversity of RochesterNorth1988
21JonLantzy LB 5’10”185Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletMichigan State UniversityNorth1987
71TomRandolph DT 6’0”230Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletUnited States Marine CorpsNorth1987
33EricLove RB 5’10”170Sweet HomeGerald WrightUndecidedNorth1986
13JeffBrummer QB 6’0”170Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletUniversity at BuffaloNorth1985
56TimGardner OL 6’1”205Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletUniversity at BuffaloNorth1985
7DaveBiondo QB 6’0”175Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletAshland UniversityNorth1984
0JimGareis WR 5’9”150Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletUniversity at BuffaloNorth1984
1MichaelTorrillo WR 5’11”190Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletCanisius CollegeNorth1984
51JimDunbar C 6’1”210Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletUniversity at BuffaloNorth1983
81ChrisGoins LB / TE 6’2”208Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletHoly CrossNorth1983
20MikeStepian FB 5’10”195Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletUniversity at BuffaloNorth1983
43PaulGareis DB 5’10”145Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletUniversity at BuffaloNorth1982
71TomScamurra T 5’11”225Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletCanisius CollegeNorth1982
54BertGambini OG 5’10”205Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletCanisius CollegeNorth1981
64SteveGunderman* LB 6’0”195Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletCanisius CollegeNorth1981
42GregHolloway RB 5’10”180Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletUndecidedNorth1980
7MartyBarrett QB 6’1”175Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletUniversity at BuffaloNorth1979
43CedricHinton RB 6’0”190Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletSyracuse UniversityNorth1978
20BobArkeilpane RB 5’10”185Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletNorth1977
60MikeFaulks G 6’2”210Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletNorth1977
84PaulCalabro SE 5’10”165Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletNorth1976
12BillForbess QB 5’11”180Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletNorth1976
74TomGreenstone OT / DT 6’2”225Sweet HomeJoe ShiffletNorth1976