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Picture Number First Name Last Name Captain Position Height Weight High School Coach College Team Year NFL “Win” Notes
55GregBruenn OL / DL 5’11”270West Seneca EastJim MaurinoBaldwin Wallace CollegeSouth2016*
33JohnDolac III LB 6’0”210West Seneca EastJim MaurinoErie Community CollegeSouth2016**
45SamKhoury DT 6’2”250West Seneca EastJim MaurinoErie Community CollegeSouth2015*
17DevinLindner* QB / DE 6’4”190West Seneca EastJim MaurinoWagner CollegeSouth2014
51BrandonReilly DE / DT 6’4”215West Seneca EastJim MaurinoUniversity at BuffaloSouth2014
10ScottAckerman WR 5’10”175West Seneca EastJim MaurinoBuffalo State CollegeSouth2013
25RyanJohnson* FB / LB 6’0”205West Seneca EastJim MaurinoErie Community CollegeSouth2013
11AndySmigiera* QB / S 6’1”190West Seneca EastJim MaurinoRobert Morris UniversitySouth2013*
6DakotaMichels TE / LB 5’10”190West Seneca EastJim MaurinoErie Community CollegeSouth2012
66JoshBeres DE 6’1”200West Seneca EastJim MaurinoUndecidedSouth2011
34AndyBreen LB 6’0”185West Seneca EastJim MaurinoHilbert CollegeSouth2009
10AndyPangallo RB 5’10”165West Seneca EastJim MaurinoErie Community CollegeSouth2009
22JakeKrezmien DB 6’1”185West Seneca EastJim MaurinoBrockport State CollegeSouth2007
70JustinGlodowski OL / DL 6’5”239West Seneca EastJim MaurinoErie Community CollegeSouth2006
20BrianKelleher RB / LB 5’5”190West Seneca EastJim MaurinoErie Community CollegeSouth2006
23MikeLattanzio LB 5’11”205West Seneca EastJim MaurinoErie Community CollegeSouth2006
20JeffScanzuso CB / WR 5’11”160West Seneca EastJim MaurinoBrockport State CollegeSouth2005
13JoshSzeluga WR / LB 6’3”190West Seneca EastJim MaurinoMercyhurst UniversitySouth2005
2AdamHyde RB / LB 6’0”200West Seneca EastJim MaurinoCortland State UniversitySouth2004
85ChristopherDusza RB / DE 6’4”240West Seneca EastPat BraunscheidelErie Community CollegeSouth2002
5PeterGiardina DE 6’0”245West Seneca EastPat BraunscheidelCanisius CollegeSouth2000
3RichardWoods DB 5’8”175West Seneca EastPat BraunscheidelErie Community CollegeSouth2000
51DaveChelus C 6’0”242West Seneca EastFred LampmanCanisius CollegeSouth1998
52BrianBarczykowski LB 6’0”225West Seneca EastTom JacksonBuffalo State CollegeSouth1996
74JoelBeck DE 6’3”217West Seneca EastTom JacksonHoly Cross CollegeSouth1995
41AndrewKrauza TE 6’4”225West Seneca EastTom JacksonBoston CollegeSouth1994
89BrianFlynn DB 6’0”180West Seneca EastTom JacksonUniversity of RochesterSouth1993
13BrianLarkman QB 6’1”185West Seneca EastTom JacksonErie Community CollegeSouth1992
82ChadMcKee WR 5’8”175West Seneca EastTom JacksonUndecidedSouth1992
37MarkBondgren WR 6’2”185West Seneca EastTom JacksonUniversity at BuffaloSouth1991
77JosephOroszi T / OL 6’3”301West Seneca EastTom JacksonHudson Valley Community CollegeSouth1991
76MikeAlf T 6’2”245West Seneca EastTom JacksonBoston UniversitySouth1990
12KevinMason* QB 6’4”190West Seneca EastTom JacksonSyracuse UniversitySouth1990
43ChrisYax LB 5’9”210West Seneca EastTom JacksonErie Community CollegeSouth1990
0ShamonHarrell RB 5’9”160West Seneca EastTom JacksonCanisius CollegeSouth1989
73MattZern DT 6’0”220West Seneca EastTom JacksonCortland State UniversitySouth1989
70JoeAdinolfi* DT 6’4”265West Seneca EastTom JacksonUniversity of MississippiSouth1988
20TonyBifulco DB 5’9”175West Seneca EastTom JacksonAllegheny CollegeSouth1988
92DennisOsinski DE 5’9”175West Seneca EastTom JacksonCanisius CollegeSouth1988
43JohnPiscitello NG 5’7”180West Seneca EastTom JacksonHudson Valley Community CollegeSouth1987
21BrianTominich LB 5’9”192West Seneca EastTom JacksonHudson Valley Community CollegeSouth1987
82DanBenz DB 5’11”175West Seneca EastChuck AmoCanisius CollegeSouth1986
39MarkMorganti LB 6’0”210West Seneca EastChuck AmoCanisius CollegeSouth1986
15RodBurns DB 6’2”185West Seneca EastChuck AmoHudson Valley Community CollegeSouth1985
23ScottMorrow S 5’10”165West Seneca EastChuck AmoCanisius CollegeSouth1984
15MarkStachowiak QB 6’2.5”190West Seneca EastChuck AmoUnionSouth1984
54MikeBurney DT / OT 6’2”215West Seneca EastChuck AmoBaldwin Wallace UniversitySouth1983
82MikeMorrow WR / SP 6’2”180West Seneca EastChuck AmoBucknell UniversitySouth1983
12ScottAckerman E 5’9”175West Seneca EastJames BrotzUndecidedSouth1982
0RonaldBlack DB 5’7”145West Seneca EastJames BrotzCornell UniversitySouth1982
15JosephCattarin S 6’1”185West Seneca EastChuck AmoUniversity at BuffaloSouth1982
80JackMagiera E 6’0”175West Seneca EastChuck AmoBrockport State CollegeSouth1981
2ScottSuchan RB / DB 5’11”165West Seneca EastJohn SchleiferCanisius CollegeSouth1980
27DarylCiambella DHB 5’10”177West Seneca EastJohn SchleiferUniversity of RochesterSouth1979
90JimKuhn DL 6’2”210West Seneca EastJohn SchleiferHiram CollegeSouth1979
23JoeD’Amico RB 5’8”163West Seneca EastJohn SchleiferCanisius CollegeSouth1978
78GlennSchmidt DT 6’2”210West Seneca EastJohn SchleiferSouth1978
83TimCzarnecki WR 6’1”185West Seneca EastJohn SchleiferSouth1977
90BrianGriep TE 6’1”202West Seneca EastJohn SchleiferSouth1977